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  • laxative for pregnant women - which drugs are allowed to receive
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laxative for pregnant women During pregnancy, women often face the problem of constipation.Laxative for pregnant women are advised to take when you can not solve a problem with a chair adjusting supply.Acceptance of any drug should be strict indications that will prevent the development of serious side effects, complications, particularly in terms of impact on the developing fetus.


Reasons for changes of intestinal motility in pregnant

Foremost among the causal factors in the development of constipation is hormonal changes a woman's body.It is a physiological condition which is caused by increased blood levels of the hormone progesterone.Without the participation of the hormone make pregnancy impossible, so it is also called the pregnancy hormone.It is proved that it has the effect on the state of the muscles, including the intestine.

smooth muscles of the intestine by the action of progesterone Progesterone - norm and pathology Progesterone - norm and pathology relaxed, which is reflected negatively on the motor function.The food is slowly moving along the intestine, therefore the water is excessively absorbed from the intestine.This mechanism explains why pregnant women often develop constipation.Often, the problem faced by pregnant women in the first month of pregnancy, in some cases even up to the moment when a woman learns that would soon become a mother.

at a later date should be taken into account that the increase in size of the uterus compresses the mechanical bowel loops, causing constipation.Among the factors that can also contribute to the disruption of intestinal motility, are the following:

  • effects of stress
  • sedentary lifestyle (lack of exercise)
  • nature of food (low in fiber)

Laxatives for pregnant women appointed on the basis of availablecausal factors in the development of a pathological condition.Foremost among these factors is finding a thorough history, which should include a study of the diet, motor activity and other things.


What could be the consequences for the health of

Constipation is not a serious danger to health, but it can cause a number of negative consequences, which require the provision of skilled care.If there is no regular bowel movement, it increases the risk of formation of cracks in the anus, hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids - a shameful disease Hemorrhoids - a shameful disease , and bleeding from the rectum.These intestinal disorders can be eliminated by appropriate therapy in view of safety to the developing fetus.

To prevent the occurrence of these adverse effects, the pregnant woman should monitor their diet.There must be eating foods that are rich in fiber, fresh fruits and vegetables.It must be defined drinking water and treatment for pregnant.You can not drink a lot of fluid or, conversely, to be on dry diet, so the amount of fluid recommended by the doctor based on how pregnancy occurs, what are the co-morbidities, especially on the part of the urinary system and cardiovascular.

In terms of the impact of constipation on the developing fetus, it should not be a concern.The greatest discomfort experienced by a pregnant woman, which requires the timely adoption of the necessary medical measures.Constipation should be treated, as with prolonged duration of these violations of motor function of the intestine can lead to deterioration of health of women.It can be characterized by the appearance of symptoms of intoxication.


safety purpose of laxatives

When a woman is faced with the problem of constipation in any trimester of pregnancy, the question of what kind of laxative can be pregnant, you should trust your doctor.This also applies to the seemingly innocuous herbal remedies.Many people do not appreciate the importance of receiving herbal preparations (teas, herbal), so consider this type of treatment is harmless.Admission herbal medicines is also a kind of therapy, so must have strict indications.A number of herbs that can be part of herbal mixtures, are contraindicated for use in pregnant women.One can not ignore the importance of this factor, as there is grass that can lead to spontaneous abortion.

laxative should have a mild effect that on the background of its use has not been an active reduction in the intestines and uterus.

chronic constipation in the case of existing diseases of the intestine may need long-term use of drugs, so they should not cause any kind of dependence or negative impact on the health of the appearance of side effects.The safest treatment for constipation in pregnant treatment of constipation in pregnancy - eliminating hassles Treatment for constipation in pregnant women - Elimination of trouble a drug "Duphalac".

Active ingredient of this drug is lactulose.Clinically proven a good therapeutic effect in the form of normalization of stool, relief of symptoms of intoxication.Also, there is a normalization of intestinal microflora on the background of the regular intake of therapeutic syrup.Long for constipation is one of the reasons for intestinal dysbiosis Intestinal dysbacteriosis - how dangerous it is? Intestinal dysbiosis - how dangerous it is? , so taking the drug at the same time leads to a mild laxative effect and restore microflora.The big advantage of the preparation "Duphalac" is to achieve a therapeutic effect in single dose daily dose, with no dependence on consumption of food.Changing the dose can be on the basis of whether or not a laxative effect.Allowed dose gradual increase, but under supervision.

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