Chromophytosis during pregnancy - is dangerous or not?

chromophytosis during pregnancy Pityriasis versicolor during pregnancy is not uncommon - the whole thing in a physiological decrease in immunity.Women during pregnancy can be very frustrating to find in his body brown scaly patches, because it is, above all, fears for her child.He will visit a dermatologist - he will calm the woman and prescribe the necessary treatment.


Why does chromophytosis during pregnancy

Pityriasis versicolor or multicolored Colorful lichen: relapses Colorful lichen: relapses - is a skin fungal infection, caused by a yeast-like fungus genus Malasseziya (pitirospory).These fungi are usually found on human skin, without causing disease.They breed well in wet conditions and on oily skin.To the fungus has penetrated the skin, requires three conditions: high humidity (sweating), and sufficient sebum secretion decreased immunity.

All these conditions for breeding fungus-pitirosporov during pregnancy present:

  • autonomic disorders peculiar to pregnancy, stimulate sweating;
  • hormonal changes increase the excretion of fat;
  • reduced immunity, which is the physiological norm required for the mother's body does not reject foreign tissues of the fetus;
  • reduced immunity also contribute to stress that pregnant women can be called the most "innocent" reasons.

If a woman's skin before pitirospory missing, it may be infected by this infection through close contact with the patient through the linen and personal hygiene items.Usually pregnant women are interested in two questions: Can the disease as a child and reflect on whether it is contagious (that is, not whether it will be an obstacle for her stay in the hospital).

Pityriasis versicolor is perfectly safe for the fetus, it also does not cause any complications during pregnancy and childbirth - can give birth normally.


How does chromophytosis during pregnancy

The disease begins with the appearance of yellowish dots around the mouths of hair follicles - is a breeding colony of fungi-pitirosporov.Then there is the stain pink-yellow, gradually changing its color to brown-yellow.This spot is covered with small scaly scales.

brown spots growing on the periphery merges with other similar spots and forms large pockets with scalloped edges that can occupy large areas of skin.Its color can range from white to brown-brown.Top spots covered with scaly scales that can be invisible, but poskablivanii easy to peel (symptom Besnier).Often affected upper body, including the armpits, and scalp.

In addition, the woman's skin may appear white spots - psevdoleykodermy.The reason for their appearance is not completely established, but most researchers believe that the loose stratum corneum of the skin in the lesions does not let UV rays in the depth of the epidermis and the affected pockets after removing the scales during bathing become lighter than the surrounding healthy skin.


treatment of tinea versicolor in pregnancy

Despite the fact that during pregnancy there are all predisposing factors tinea versicolor, dermatologists still recommend to check blood sugar and hormones to avoid possible pathology.


treatment of tinea versicolor is held externally, and only intended dermatologist.


Appointed antifungal medications for external use, allowed to be used during pregnancy.These drugs should not be absorbed into the bloodstream and crosses the placental barrier.These drugs include, for example, 1% cream Lamisil Lamisil - a modern drug to help cope with the fungal infection Lamisil - a modern drug to help cope with the fungal infection .You can also wipe the skin with vinegar, half diluted with water.

as bracing means is recommended to take obstetrician-gynecologist prescribed vitamin and mineral supplements for pregnant women.Of great importance are also good nutrition, staying in the open air at least three hours a day and gymnastics - all this strengthens the immune system and blocks the penetration of fungal infection of the skin.

If a woman before pregnancy was chromophytosis Ringworm - not only infectious disease Ringworm - not only infectious disease , during his during pregnancy can become recurrent, so it is especially important to pay maximum attention to their health.

Pityriasis versicolor during pregnancy is not dangerous.The causative agent of the infection can not penetrate to the fetus and not cause complications during pregnancy.But chromophytosis Pityriasis versicolor - many-sided problem Chromophytosis - many-sided problem still need to be treated, otherwise the disease will keep recurring.

Galina Romanenko