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prenatal vitamins optimally balanced diet is the key physiological pregnancy.With food in a woman's body receives the necessary nutrients, trace elements and vitamins, which are important for fetal development.Vitamins for pregnant women can come not only from the food, to maintain their optimum level assigned multivitamin preparations.


At what stage of pregnancy you should take vitamins

important factor that affects the safe during pregnancy is early turnout.The pregnant should seek medical advice gynecologist, to register the pregnancy to term end of the first trimester, that is up to 12 weeks.This will pass in due time the necessary clinical and laboratory examination, as well as therapy if indicated.The doctor can give advice on medication, including what you need to take vitamins for pregnant women.

woman should understand that any use of drugs is strictly limited during pregnancy.This statement is fully applicable to vitamins.

impossible to fully satisfy the needs of the developing fetus, therefore, have been developed vitamin and mineral complex that experts recommend for receiving it during pregnancy.Vitamins should start at the stage of preparation pregravid when the couple is planning a pregnancy.This primarily vitamin 9 (or folic acid).If the expectant mother starts taking this vitamin in advance, it will prevent the development of a child's developmental defects, especially neural tube defects, poor mental state.

It was in preparation for a pregnant woman should eat fully, in the diet as much as possible to contain the foods that are rich in vitamin B 9. In the first place it is dark green vegetables and fruits (melons, avocados, apricots), as well as bakery productswheat flour and whole wheat bread.Properly organized diet while taking folic acid at the planning stage will ensure a normal pregnancy.


How important is receiving comprehensive multivitamin preparations

complex vitamins for pregnant women is chosen to meet the needs of the body, so each case must be an individual approach.The doctor, who observes a pregnant woman can give advice, guidance on how the term in which you need to take complex preparations which mode and how long.Start your own vitamin complexes unsafe, since this group of drugs is different in doses that contain vitamins and minerals.There is a risk of overdose, which is reflected negatively on the health of the pregnant woman.

vitamins that are part of the complex preparations needed for the normal development of the fetus Fetal development - week after week Fetal development - week after week , so their intake is considered an important part of running a pregnant woman.But in the first place is not the intake of vitamins and minerals, and good nutrition of pregnant Pregnancy and Nutrition: dangerous products Pregnancy and Nutrition: dangerous products .It is mandatory in the diet must include the following products:

  • fresh vegetables, fruits
  • meat and fish products
  • milk products

supplementation of vitamins must be due to the presence of certain circumstances that can lead to vitamin deficiency in pregnantwomen.Such circumstances may include infectious diseases, concomitant diseases, the woman's age (over thirty years), and others.Be sure to consider how the woman proceeded previous pregnancy.

Each complex preparations contain different amounts of vitamins and minerals, so a doctor may recommend acceptance of a particular drug, taking into account the most successfully compensate for the lack or excess of certain vitamins.Hypervitaminosis that develops when the irrational vitamin complexes Vitamin Complexes: to drink or not to drink? Vitamin Complexes: to drink or not to drink? , has the same adverse effects as vitamin deficiency.It is important to select the optimal composition of the drug and make it strictly according to the recommendations of the physician data.


it possible to find the best vitamins

not to say that there are vitamins that are considered the best.Each of the products has a unique composition of incoming components, so it is important to choose the most suitable complex of vitamins for each individual pregnant woman.It is especially important for pregnant understood that vitamins is also a drug, so it is necessary to strictly follow the doctor's instructions, which oversees the woman throughout the pregnancy.

assortment of vitamin and mineral complexes represented by the following drugs:

  • «Eleven»
  • «Pregnavit»
  • «Vitrum Prenatal" and "Vitrum Prenatal Forte»
  • «Alphabet»
  • «Complivit mom»

These drugsdo not reflect the full list of all the produced vitamin complexes for pregnant women.Women are very often take vitamins on their own, so the doctor gynecologist should consult your doctor about whether there is or not, need to take any vitamins or minerals in the form of a single addition.

in pregnant women all the organs and systems work with high load, which is a physiological feature.In such circumstances, it is important to take preventive measures that are aimed at preventing the development of complications associated with the state of decompensation.

Vitamin and mineral supplements are an effective means of prevention, so on their reception should not be abandoned if the gynecologist sees for this indication.

Rational Choice of vitamins to prevent the development of allergies, which often can be seen in the case of misuse of the drug.If you know that a pregnant woman is allergic to B vitamins B vitamins: the body useful helpers B vitamins: the body useful helpers or other components, we can recommend the vitamins that are distributed separately for tablets vitamins and minerals, so you can skip pills containingvitamins group.

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