HCG levels by week pregnancy - how to decipher the test results

hCG levels by week pregnancy One of the earliest and most reliable methods of pregnancy diagnosis is to determine the levels of the hormone gonadotropin, or hCG.There are certain patterns of growth hormone in a woman's body, depending on the period, so the hCG levels by week pregnancy allows time to detect deviations from the normal course of pregnancy.


How to assess the value of the level of hCG

hCG levels during pregnancy is not a constant.Starting from a very early stage of pregnancy, the hormone has a tendency to grow.The first trimester is different maximum concentration of gonadotropin, its maximum is reached the tenth week of pregnancy.Increasing values ​​of hCG occurs gradually, the level doubles on average every two days.This feature greatly helps to assess the dynamics of the growth that is essential to select the treatment strategy in the appointment of hormonal therapy Hormone therapy - can cheat nature? Hormone therapy - can cheat nature? .

The structure of gonadotropin hormone has two units.Just b-subunit has a unique, therefore it is used in the laboratory diagnosis and crucial.Determination gonadotropin possible in various biological fluids can carry out a study urine or serum.Blood has a higher sensitivity as the concentration of the hormone in serum is accumulated much faster when compared to the analysis of urine.

If the study had a negative result, it is not yet guaranteed by exclusion of pregnancy.Most experts recommend to spend a dynamic study, that is, to repeat the analysis in a few days.If a pregnant woman start hormonal drugs Hormonal drugs - not just contraceptives Hormonal treatments - not only contraceptives group of progestogens in step pregravid training, it is possible to control the growth hormone with an interval of seven days.


change in hormonal activity by week pregnancy

appearance of a woman's body in a certain concentration of gonadotropin is possible only if the pregnancy.The resulting embryonic shell produces a specific hormone, on the basis of what can be accurately with high confidence to talk about the pregnancy.Low levels of hCG in pregnancy is an unfavorable prognostic sign of pregnancy, for example, in terms of the threat of interruption or other complications.

For proper evaluation of the nature of pregnancy were developed normative values ​​of the hormone gonadotropin.The rate of hCG by week pregnancy depends on the existing term from the moment of conception.

first laboratory techniques to identify the gonadotropin may have on the availability of term two days delayed menstruation.If the same term urinary hold test, it may show false negative results due to lack of further concentration of the hormone in the body.The situation changes after a few days due to the increased level of hCG, so it is always important to dynamic study.

Starting from the second trimester of gonadotropin level is relatively constant, multiplied, thus does not significantly change over an extended period of time.Pregnancy hormone needed primarily to maintain the normal functioning of corpus luteum.This mechanism allows you to save and make the pregnancy before the expected birth.In the second trimester, the placenta begins to function, so the value of HCG in terms of impact on the hormonal activity is becoming less significant.This explains the importance of hormonal examination during the first trimester.


Assessment of deviations from normal values ​​

result of the analysis to determine the level of gonadotropin can be interpreted as follows:

  • negative
  • questionable
  • positive

If the concentration of hCG in the blood serum of less than 5 mIU/ ml, it is considered an indicator of the absence of pregnancy.In case of questionable results it is recommended to control study, then you will see clearly, there was a growth hormone levels or not.Upon receipt of a positive result given the conclusion of a pregnancy and the possible duration depending upon the week of pregnancy.

If during the investigation revealed that there is a deviation from the normal value by an average of 50%, this should be regarded as a pathological condition.

is important not only increase the level of hCG, as well as its significant decline.Alternatively, the individual norm addresses the situation when during the second study, the result of the concentration of the hormone is altered with the change should be within 20% in the absence of clinical manifestations threatening condition.

elevated hCG levels during pregnancy HCG pregnancy - diagnostic significance survey HCG pregnancy - diagnostic significance Survey seen as a normal phenomenon in patients receiving hormonal agents.This group of drugs (progestins) are necessary to maintain the hormonal profile of the female body, but taking them naturally leads to a change in the level of gonadotropin.In this situation, only the doctor who observes a pregnant woman, evaluates the results of the study taking into account the peculiarities of the clinical course of pregnancy.

change in the concentration of the hormone detected in the presence of a woman's somatic pathology in the first place by the endocrine system.In diabetes mellitus - threatening and incurable disease Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease a pregnant hCG exceeds normative values ​​for a particular period of pregnancy.The presence of systemic diseases in pregnant women should be considered when interpreting the results of the survey.A blood test for hCG should be administered strictly in certain stages of pregnancy and on the testimony, to decide on delivery of the analysis should not be.

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