Selections in early pregnancy - what is considered a deviation from the norm

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release in early pregnancy Pregnancy is one of the most important events in the life of every woman.On the question of pregnancy planning must be approached responsibly to conception occurred against the backdrop of the absence of any disease or other adverse moments.This will prevent the occurrence of various complications.Selections in early pregnancy may be one of the first symptoms of complicated pregnancy, so this condition requires appropriate treatment.


importance of first trimester

Pregnancy means that there have been expressed in the body hormonal changes, which are aimed primarily at child bearing.Hormonal changes lead to the fact that all of the female body are changing.Their reverse development occurs throughout the postpartum period.Under the influence of excessive levels of hormones during the first trimester can be observed characteristic changes in the reproductive system, which relate to discharge from the genital tract.

If in early pregnancy in women develop complications, it can be regarded as a risk factor for complications at a later date.For this reason, it is important to contact the doctor if you have any complaints, to be able to conduct the necessary treatment.If the woman drew attention to the fact that there is a change of character selections, you can not engage in self, you should immediately seek help from a specialist.It is necessary to evaluate the following characteristics of discharge from the genital tract:

  • color
  • smell
  • consistency
  • number
  • symptoms of discomfort (itching or burning feeling)

changing nature of discharge does not always mean that it is a consequence of complicated pregnancy.Rate this situation can only be a doctor in an objective examination of the pregnant woman.One of the signs that a pregnancy occurs with complications (threatened miscarriage), should be considered the appearance of bleeding, which clinically may vary in color, size and other characteristics.


That can mean the threat of interruption selection

first weeks of gestational sac is sometimes accompanied by the appearance of bleeding of the genital tract.In this situation, a woman may think that this is the beginning of next menstruation, but on closer examination revealed a number of distinctive features.Selections are not as abundant, more scarce, less long duration.In this situation, the first step should be to conduct urine test to rule out or confirm the presence of pregnancy.

In a complicated form of pregnancy occurrence of scarce or spotting is the main clinical symptom of the disease.

If pregnancy does not develop, there was a missed abortion missed abortion - do not lose faith in yourself Missed abortion - do not lose faith in yourself , it will eventually lead to spontaneous abortion.Even before the appearance of the characteristic clinical manifestations of spontaneous abortion can suggest the presence of pathology of the fetal eggs only on the basis of the assessment of the nature of discharge from the genital tract.In the future, more in-depth examination performed to confirm the diagnosis, which includes the study of blood hormones, ultrasound scanning and other methods.

diagnosis of threatened abortion can be difficult to put in the early stages, so only careful attention to the clinical symptoms can help in a timely manner to suggest the presence of complications of pregnancy and a course of appropriate therapy.If the discharge from the genital tract tend to be amplified, are plentiful, it may be disadvantageous feature for retaining pregnancy.The chance to continue the pregnancy in such a situation would be minimal, so is the importance placed on early diagnosis of complications.


What can cause abnormal discharge from the genital tract

on the nature of discharge from the genital tract in early pregnancy can affect a variety of reasons.One such reason is the presence of cervical erosion.The erosion in this situation is eroded surface or inflammatory plague, so as a result of increased blood flow in the pelvic organs during pregnancy the mucous membrane of the cervix begins to bleed.Most often in the early stages of such spotting appear in women after sexual intercourse.

discharge from the eroded surface of the cervix are not accompanied by pain or other abnormal symptoms.

objective methods confirm the changes in the mucous membrane of the cervix is ​​a colposcopy Colposcopy - how to properly prepare for it? Colposcopy - how to properly prepare for it? .Colposcopy is included in the plan of survey of early pregnancy, which makes it possible with a special optical system to detect changes in the initial stages of development.First of all we are talking about the identification of malignant diseases, which can be combined with advanced uterine pregnancy, and proceed without clinical manifestations.

during pregnancy often cause bleeding Spotting - it is important to rule out pathology Spotting - it is important to rule out pathology are polyps.Polyps are localized in the cervical canal, while they can be seen during the physical examination of women when taking it on the pregnancy registry.There is divided opinion on the need for the removal of polyps, which first detected in the first trimester.Some authors point to the possibility of subsequent threat of termination of pregnancy, so it is advisable to carry out preventive treatment threat if the decision on removal of polyps of the cervical canal cervical polyp: you must remove Cervical polyp: you must remove .Discharge from the genital tract are also the contact, that is, appear after sexual intercourse or of instrumental studies in pregnant women.

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