HCG ectopic pregnancy - especially the dynamics of hormone levels

HCG ectopic pregnancy After the introduction of a fertilized egg in the uterine lining cells of the embryonic membrane of the embryo begin production of a specific hormone gonadotropin.His level provides information on how pregnancy occurs.If implantation occurs outside the uterus, it refers to the concept of an ectopic pregnancy, and requires close attention specialists.Determination of HCG in the ectopic pregnancy in early pregnancy allows to determine the tactics of the patient when other tests are not sensitive.


importance of determining the level of hCG

highest concentration of hormone found in the blood, urine.These body fluids is an object for the study of gonadotropin levels.The ability to determine the hCG in early pregnancy is more accurate in the study of blood serum.The urine concentration of urine accumulates later, so they can be falsely negative results of the study, if not to take into account how long is supposed to have women on the day of the study.

If the doctor suggests the presence of abnormalities in the development of the pregnancy or the presence of abnormal localization of the ovum, the laboratory research gonadotropin level becomes an important diagnostic criterion.Analysis of hCG in the ectopic pregnancy is not completely reliable method of confirming the diagnosis, so in this situation is of great importance to the ultrasound.

levels of the hormone gonadotropin allows you suspect the presence of abnormal localization of pregnancy.Complex examination of the patient makes it possible to establish the localization of fetal eggs, for example, in the fallopian tube.If the result of the study is positive for hCG, while according to the ultrasound can not confirm intrauterine pregnancy, you must first carry out activities aimed at the exclusion of ectopic pregnancy.


Difficulties diagnosing ectopic pregnancy

gonadotropin level is the main fact of confirming the presence of pregnancy.If you want to make sure of the pregnancy at the beginning of its development, the hormonal study provides a unique opportunity to diagnose pregnancy for up to several days delay next menstruation.

as qualitative analysis used urinary test that is based on the presence in urine of a pregnant woman gonadotropin.

quantify the level of hCG in the blood serum it is indicative of the establishment of pregnancy.The main diagnostic criterion is a growth hormone that is detected by a blood test blood test: the mirror of health Blood tests: a mirror of health , and this increase occurs every two days.If a woman has an increase in the level of hCG slowly than is normal (doubling the figure for one week), then it should pay particular attention.Slow growth is an indicator of various pathological conditions:

  • developing pregnancy
  • threatened miscarriage

as a diagnostic criterion should be dynamic study gonadotropin level to be able to assess the dynamics of its growth over time.

Ectopic pregnancy in the early stages has no specific clinical symptoms, which largely determines the difficulty of differential diagnosis.Bright clinical symptoms develop, if there is a rupture of the pipe, which is one of the clinical forms of the disease.The development of acute surgical care clinic is an indication for urgent surgery.


What helps identify an ectopic pregnancy in the early stages

attachment Pathological ovum should contribute to certain factors.These include abnormalities of the contractile ability of the tube, tubal factor infertility Causes - heredity and lifestyle The causes of infertility - heredity and lifestyle (obstruction of pipes).These changes are formed on the basis of chronic inflammatory processes, as well as existing endocrine diseases.The fertilized egg can not reach the uterus and delayed at the level of the fallopian tube or other sites where it begins to develop.

Products gonadotropin defined embryonic shell, the chorion.If there is no full-fledged development of chorionic, it therefore can not be normal hormone production.HCG levels in the ectopic pregnancy is different from the normal values ​​for a given gestational age, the concentration of the hormone is reduced on average by one third compared to the norm.It is recommended to control at intervals of two days, which allows you to assess whether or not the increase of gonadotropin.The lack of growth hormone dynamics is one of the criteria of having an ectopic pregnancy.

blood test for hCG should be required by studies in the case of a delay the next menstrual period, especially in women who are at risk of developing an ectopic pregnancy.

Ultrasound scans can not detect abnormal localization of fetal eggs, if the study was performed in early pregnancy.It must be chosen tactics of active dynamic observation of the patient, but such an approach will help to diagnose complications.

If hormonal examination reveals abnormal gonadotropin levels, while there are no reliable data on the presence of an ectopic pregnancy during an ultrasound scan, the diagnostic laparoscopy carried Laparoscopy - why is it necessary? Laparoscopy - why is it necessary? .

In this case, the diagnostic operation allows to visualize the internal genitals (fallopian tubes, ovaries), which can be implanted fertilized egg, and conduct the removal of a pathological entity within the healthy tissue.

Marina Solovyov