Hepatitis B and pregnancy - an individual approach

hepatitis B and pregnancy Hepatitis B and pregnancy - this is not an uncommon phenomenon.Today, found that more than half of the carriers of hepatitis B virus contracted the infection from the mother during pregnancy or childbirth.Nevertheless, it is established in the same way that the risk of infection of the child can be significantly reduced with proper supervision and treatment of pregnant women.


Avoiding trouble

Hepatitis B is a very common infection that is transmitted by blood.During pregnancy, fetal infection from the sick mother can occur through the placenta or during birth.

Therefore, in order to avoid possible complications during pregnancy, all women are encouraged to plan the birth of a child with conducting a comprehensive examination before conception.Including study blood for hepatitis.If a woman is not detected in the blood of HCV RNA particles B (HBsAg) and antibodies to the virus, it is recommended to be vaccinated against hepatitis.Only vaccination can prevent hepatitis B during pregnancy in case of infection.In addition, mandatory testing is also carried out on the virus of hepatitis D, which is often accompanied by hepatitis B and dramatically increase the weight of its course.

If a woman is already suffering from chronic hepatitis and wants to have a baby, she has to undergo a full examination in order to establish the degree of activity of the virus and the severity of the disease.

In general, in the absence of the woman phenomena of acute hepatitis or cirrhosis are no contraindications to pregnancy, since in most cases for hepatitis Bduring pregnancy is not changed.However, not always possible to predict what will be the reaction of the body of the woman is a combination of Hepatitis B and pregnancy.

Therefore, all women with hepatitis B and are planning a pregnancy should not only be tested, but treated, after which, if the liver function is not affected to a large extent, they are allowed the birth of a child.

contraindications for pregnancy are acute hepatitis Hepatitis - the scourge of our time Hepatitis - the scourge of our time B and severe violations of the liver in chronic hepatitis characteristic of cirrhosis.


Acute hepatitis B in pregnancy

Acute hepatitis B during pregnancy - this is very dangerous.The disease can be difficult because of the fact that the liver is a woman carries a double burden, clearing from toxic products of the body and the mother and child.

Acute hepatitis B occurs in pregnant women in most cases, cyclically, as well as other patients.The incubation period of the disease is from six weeks to six months, after which a woman has a fever, there is a weakness, malaise, joint pain Joint pain - how to understand what is going on? Joint pain - how to understand what is going on? and after some time - yellow skin and sclera.At the same time the yellow color covers, pain in the right upper quadrant, nausea, vomiting and indigestion.Acute hepatitis B can last about four months, followed by a recovery, or, or transition into a chronic form of the disease.

But sometimes the disease is as minimal symptoms (the main manifestation of such an infection is a weakness) and very hard (for lightning) with increasing hepatic encephalopathy (brain cell damage) and acute liver failure, which is the main cause of death of pregnant women.According to statistics, the risk of acute liver failure increases sharply in the third trimester if additional obstetric pathology (eg, preeclampsia).


Chronic hepatitis B and pregnancy

Chronic hepatitis B Hepatitis B - a dangerous inflammation of the liver Hepatitis B - a dangerous inflammation of the liver rarely occurs with severe symptoms.Typically, patients complain of severe weakness, a complete lack of appetite, heaviness in the right upper quadrant Heaviness in the right upper quadrant - require examination Heaviness in the right upper quadrant - require examination , sometimes - the temperature rise to small numbers.Periodically, the activity of the inflammatory process may increase in this case appear jaundiced sclera coloration, skin, itchy skin, and digestive disorders such as nausea, vomiting, unstable chair.

If a woman becomes infected with chronic hepatitis B before pregnancy, during pregnancy, it rarely changes its course.In addition, in women already have protective antibodies, so the risk of infection of the child during pregnancy is not so great.


What complications can give hepatitis B during pregnancy

As with any infection, hepatitis B can cause miscarriage.In acute hepatitis can occur during intrauterine fetal death with subsequent miscarriage or premature birth and stillbirth.This can lead to a dramatic deterioration, and most women, including the development of acute renal failure.

In chronic course of hepatitis B miscarriage rare.But it is a risk of bleeding during childbirth, because there is a reduction of blood clotting.

For the prevention of hepatitis B in children during the first 12 hours after birth are vaccinated against hepatitis B - it allows the child to prevent infecting more than 90% of cases.Babies born to mothers with hepatitis B, additionally introduced specific immunoglobulin containing antibodies to the infection.

Galina Romanenko