The first ultrasound in pregnancy - to identify the most serious pathology

first ultrasound in pregnancy first ultrasound in pregnancy can be conducted for a period of 6 to 13 weeks.And if in six weeks will only be possible to confirm the presence of uterine or ectopic pregnancy, in 11-13 weeks, an ultrasound had revealed gross malformations (malformation) of the fetus, multiple pregnancy, and some other features.


first routine ultrasound during pregnancy

first routine ultrasound (ultrasound) during pregnancy should be carried out in the period of 11-13 weeks.The first ultrasound screening in pregnancy can detect the most serious malformations (malformation) of the fetus, which occurred during a bookmark of organs and tissues in the first trimester.Research called skrininogovymi, ie qualifiers, as they are exposed to all pregnant women - it allows you to emphasize risk with severe fetal abnormalities and possible complications during pregnancy.

first ultrasound during pregnancy includes the examination of the fetus, the uterus and its appendages.When fetal ultrasound determined the correct size and the overall development of the fetus obstetric gestational age, fetal heart rate, indicators of proper development of bone and internal organs of the fetus (heart, stomach, bladder).

ultrasound in the first trimester of pregnancy can completely eliminate such gross fetal abnormalities Fetal development - week after week Fetal development - week after week , as a lack of the brain or limbs, deformities of the spine and limbs, and others. In identifying an ultrasound of the fetus changes in a repeateda detailed study on the equipment expert class qualified specialist.It includes a detailed study of the internal organs of the fetus (heart, cardiac valves, great vessels, kidneys, and the front part of the skull, brain, ears, fingers) and three-dimensional reconstruction of the fruit (color ultrasound).

produced a study of the future of the placenta (chorionic villus sampling), amniotic fluid, fetal membranes, the walls of the uterus (to detect the presence miomatozyh nodes), cervical, ovarian,.

first ultrasound during pregnancy can detect multiple pregnancies.Undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy Ectopic pregnancy - Fatal dangerous Ectopic pregnancy - Fatal dangerous allows a woman to provide routine medical care without waiting for complications.


ultrasound in the first days of pregnancy

US, it makes sense to do after 6 weeks of pregnancy when the fetal heartbeat can be seen.This feature is an absolute sign of pregnancy Signs of pregnancy: how to avoid wishful thinking Signs of pregnancy: how to avoid wishful thinking , it confirms the presence of pregnancy, even with questionable laboratory tests.

During this period, it is already possible to distinguish from an ectopic pregnancy the mother and the woman planned to carry out the operation.In contrast to the emergency operations plan conducted sparing methods using endoscopic equipment.If tubal pregnancy to conserve tubal patency on the operated side.When emergency surgery pipe just ligated (or part of it is removed) and will not operate.


results of the first ultrasound in pregnancy

These results are of great importance for the development of further tactics of observation and, if necessary, treatment of pregnant women.Explanation of the first ultrasound in pregnancy allows:

  • establish the exact gestational age, the estimated date of delivery;
  • objectively assess whether there was a right tab of organs and tissues of the fetus during the first trimester;
  • avoid major defects of development;
  • reveal signs of chromosomal disorders;
  • identify multiple pregnancies (two or more of the fruit), and further explore the formation of the placenta and amniotic membrane state;
  • the detection of any pathology in time to appoint a pregnant woman to additional diagnostic testing and, if necessary, treatment.

There are special methods for detecting chromosomal aberrations in the first trimester of pregnancy.This nuchal translucency, nasal bone image, blood flow through the ductus venosus and tricuspid valve, and so on.All these indicators in deciphering ultrasound studied not in isolation, but in the complex.This allows you to select a group at high risk of having children with chromosomal disorders (eg Down Syndrome).

And yet, despite the high information content of the first ultrasound in the first trimester is not yet possible to identify all birth defects.In more detail it will be seen on ultrasound in the second term of 21-24 weeks, when the internal organs of the fetus could be considered in more detail.

Ultrasound examination during pregnancy is very important as it allows to identify the most serious pathology and determine the future tactics of the pregnant woman.

Galina Romanenko