HCG pregnancy - diagnostic significance Survey

HCG Pregnancy There are several methods that can detect a pregnancy at a very early period.This term is only a few days after another delay menstruation.HCG pregnancy tends to increase, while there is a direct dependence on the duration of pregnancy (in weeks).Of particular importance is the control of the indicator in the management of pregnancy in women with burdened anamnesis (miscarriage).


value determination of hCG

Indicators HCG pregnancy allow to confirm the fact of conception.Already during the first ten days (in some cases, six days) after fertilization result becomes positive.This fact is of great practical importance, since you can determine the level of HCG in the first two days of delay menstruation in women.Indicators of the hormone in the first trimester of pregnancy are constantly changing, based on what has been developed table hCG pregnancy.

Since the implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterus starts to develop specific chorion gonadotropin hormone.Its level is a reflection of the normal development of the pregnancy or the occurrence of pathology in a deviation from the standard values.For a doctor, it is important to have a value growth of hCG by week pregnancy.In terms of diagnosis and establishment of pregnancy is important only b-subunit of the hormone.

Please note that the increase in hCG can occur in gynecological diseases, such as cystic skidding or horionkartsinoma.If you conduct a study immediately after the abortion, the performance of hCG can exceed normal levels for several more days.This feature should be considered when interpreting the results of the study.


change in hCG levels during pregnancy

maximum increase of hCG pregnancy marked the first trimester.In this period there is a doubling of the index every two days.If we assess the level of hCG, we can see that the maximum of the hormone in the blood approximately coincides with the tenth week of pregnancy.For a doctor, it is important to evaluate how the hCG increases during pregnancy, because it depends on the appointment of hormonal support for the successful carrying a pregnancy.After its peak hormone begins to decline gradually, reaching its stable value in the second trimester.

Indicators hCG levels should be interpreted taking into account the possible reception of hormonal preparations Hormonal drugs - not just contraceptives Hormonal treatments - not only contraceptives .If a woman has been appointed as hormone replacement therapy (progestin preparations djufaston Djufaston - helps female body Djufaston - helps female body or utrozhestan), then the value of HCG can be increased insignificantly, which often does not correspond to the true values ​​of the levels of the hormone.

interpretation of hCG levels, whether it corresponds to standard values, should also be made on the basis of clinical findings and conclusions of an objective examination of the pregnant woman.

low HCG in pregnancy is an important prognostic indicator helps to diagnose the threat of termination of pregnancy at an early stage of development.If during the dynamic observation revealed a decrease hormone levels compared to the normal values ​​previously available, it can be regarded as one of the laboratory criteria of adverse pregnancy.


What HCG can speak deviation from the norm

If laboratory study was made ahead of schedule analysis, the level of the hormone is reduced or not is determined in the blood.Often the results are beyond the normative values, if there was an invalid pregnancy.Calculator HCG pregnancy should take into account the gestational age, so the day of delivery of the analysis of the pregnant woman should know exactly what period of weeks of pregnancy.It should also be borne in mind that different laboratories have their tables of normal values, so the question of compliance with the level of the hormone gestation can be solved only by a specialist.

Often there is a situation when the hCG in the blood exceeds the permissible limits.This can be in the following clinical situations:

  • multiple pregnancy
  • early toxicosis
  • presence of fetal malformations
  • endocrine pathology in pregnant women, for example, diabetes

It is important to prepare for a blood test blood test mirrors health Blood tests: a mirror of health .To do this, you must come to the examination to empty stomach or between meals was a period of at least six, eight hours.Many experts recommend a blood test before delivery to avoid any stress, both physical and emotional.

hCG levels during normal pregnancy is an important prognostic factor, but this study is not completely reliable.

This can be called a kind of preventive measure in the evaluation of normal pregnancy.Some pregnant trying to interpret the results of the study on their own, which is a serious mistake.HCG levels during pregnancy can not be assessed in isolation without taking into account the clinical picture, so the doctor is able to compare the data with clinical laboratory examination.

second half of pregnancy can be characterized by a low and stable rates of the hormone, so in this period, its value is less important from the point of view of the threat of interruption.It is necessary to include a definition of HCG plan examination of pregnant women, especially if long-awaited pregnancy occurred during use of assisted reproductive technologies for dose adjustment of hormone therapy Hormone therapy - can cheat nature? Hormone therapy - can cheat nature? .This study was administered together with the definition of the level of other hormone levels (progesterone) that allows you to assess how pregnancy occurs, or not any complications.

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