Dysbacteriosis during pregnancy - a threat to the health of mother and child

goiter during pregnancy Dysbacteriosis during pregnancy may cause infections that lead to the development of infections and miscarriage.The newborn child is almost always suffers as dysbiosis, as gets microflora of the mother during childbirth.


Dysbacteriosis and pregnancy

Dysbacteriosis - a violation of the relationship between the normal and the pathogenic microflora.Most often during pregnancy develops intestinal and vaginal bacteria overgrowth.

Sometimes dysbiosis occurs in women before pregnancy, but asymptomatic.Pregnancy also contributes to the progression of the process and the appearance of the first signs of it.This is due both to the hormonal changes of the body, and with a decrease in immunity, which always occurs during pregnancy.

Dysbacteriosis during pregnancy is dangerous because it is often complicated by the addition of infectious-inflammatory process, it is clear that he is a threat to a normal pregnancy.But even in the absence of complications in the baby after birth is always developing dysbiosis, which is very dangerous this time, as is often complicated by intestinal infections.

That is why all obstetricians recommend planning a pregnancy, take place in this period, a full examination and, if necessary - treatment.


Dysbacteriosis intestine during pregnancy

intestinal bacteria overgrowth - is the most common form of dysbiosis.It is he who is most often the cause of the spread of dysbiosis to other organs.During pregnancy, intestinal dysbiosis, which had previously flowed seamlessly, can worsen.

main symptoms of dysbiosis symptoms of dysbiosis - they should know Symptoms dysbiosis - they should know during pregnancy - is a violation of appetite, diarrhea, constipation, nausea, sometimes - vomiting, flatulence, intestinal colic.And since most of these pregnancy symptoms, and so there is, in the presence of dysbiosis may sharply increase.

in advanced intestinal dysbiosis Intestinal dysbacteriosis - how dangerous it is? Intestinal dysbiosis - how dangerous it is? woman symptoms of vitamin deficiencies, since one of the functions of normal intestinal microflora is the synthesis of essential B vitamins also violates the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins - A, E, D.

treatment of intestinal dysbiosis during pregnancy is to appoint a pre- andprobiotics.Preparations of these groups may be used during pregnancy.Prebiotics - are substances that are capable of creating in the gut conditions favorable for the growth of normal microflora.The most frequently prescribed drugs based on lactulose - Duphalac, Normase, portalak.These drugs are more suitable for women who have goiter combined with constipation.

lactulose split the intestinal flora of the colon, which leads to lower pH (more acidic).By increasing the osmotic pressure increases the volume of intestinal contents, increases peristalsis and constipation disappeared.Lactulose also stimulates the growth of normal intestinal microflora.What pregnant while taking dysbiosis, only a doctor can decide, as some women are not assigned to drugs that stimulate peristalsis because of the threat of termination of pregnancy.

Probiotics - These medications, which include a colony of beneficial bacteria that live in the intestine, they are not contraindicated during pregnancy.These are drugs like bifidumbakterin Bifidumbacterin - restores normal intestinal microflora Bifidumbacterin - restores normal intestinal microflora , laktobakterin, Atsipol Atsipol - normalizes the intestinal microflora Atsipol - normalizes the intestinal microflora and so on.


vaginal bacteria overgrowth during pregnancy

This type of dysbiosis may also worsen during pregnancy due to lower immunity.At the same time the woman has abundant malodorous discharge with a fishy odor.There may also appear burning and itching in the genital area, and sometimes (very rarely) - transient immunity disorders.

Dysbacteriosis vagina during pregnancy is dangerous because due to lower immunity pathogenic microflora of the vagina at any time, can cause inflammation in the area of ​​the external or internal genitalia.And this in turn can cause miscarriage, premature delivery or intrauterine infection.

vaginal bacteria overgrowth after childbirth can be complicated by the development of infectious-inflammatory process in the uterus and its appendages.Such processes can occur after birth is very difficult.

vaginal bacteria overgrowth in pregnant women treated with the application of pre- and probiotics.Sometimes the suppression of life pathogenic microflora of the vagina is prescribed antibiotics topical.

dysbiosis treatment during pregnancy should only be a doctor (general practitioner or obstetrician) women's clinic.

Galina Romanenko