Pregnancy and breast fibroadenoma - how dangerous it is?

Pregnancy and breast fibroadenoma Pregnancy and breast fibroadenoma breast fibroadenoma - a benign tumor, which requires observation a Breast fibroadenoma - a benign tumor that requires Observed - this is quite a dangerous combination.The problem that occurs during pregnancy hormonal changes that can promote the growth of immature tumor.Therefore, most experts recommend removing fibroadenomas in its detection during pregnancy planning.


The fibroadenoma can be dangerous during pregnancy

fibroadenoma - a benign tumor of the breast, which often develops on the background of hormonal changes.Female sex hormone estrogen can stimulate the growth of fibroadenomas, so the tumor often develops in young women, and ovarian failure when it can stop the growth.

fibroadenoma of the breast, usually develops before pregnancy.Described in the literature isolated cases of fibroadenomas during pregnancy may have been a coincidence.Contributing factors in the development of fibroadenomas are abortion, inflammatory diseases of female genitals, stress, regular intake of excessively hot baths, long sunbathing under the hot sun or in the solarium Solarium: harm or benefit? Solarium: harm or benefit? open chest massage or any other injury to the breast, and so on.

With the onset of pregnancy in a woman's body begins to stand out more than usual estrogen, which in varying degrees, will stimulate the growth of fibroadenomas.

But not all so simple: a fibroadenoma can sometimes behave unpredictably and, on the contrary, to slow its growth during pregnancy.More often small (up to 3 cm in diameter) is not growing fibroadenoma before pregnancy and during pregnancy is not growing.If the tumor before pregnancy significantly increases in size after pregnancy the risk of uncontrolled growth will increase many times, it is especially true for young women up to 30 years.

significant risk during pregnancy will be the leaf (filloidnaya) fibroadenoma, even if it is in the planning period of pregnancy have a small volume and not too exuberant.On the leaf-fibroadenoma estrogens may have a significant stimulating effect, and swelling during pregnancy will grow very quickly.Leaf-fibroadenoma usually develops after age 40, and often degenerates into a malignant tumor Malignant tumor: cells are mad Malignant tumor: cells are mad .

But there is good news on pregnancy and fetal fibroadenoma has no negative effects.


fibroadenoma What will happen after the birth?

After birth, the mammary gland begins to produce human milk.This occurs under the influence of the pituitary hormone prolactin, which inhibits the secretion of estrogen - which is why she is breastfeeding regularly, it suppressed the growth of eggs ovulated Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible? Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible? (anovulatory cycle) and a new pregnancy does not occur.

relatively long estrogen deficiency may have a positive impact on the state of fibroadenoma - a tumor can slow down or even stop growing altogether.

therefore recommend such women as long as possible to breastfeed.If small fibroadenoma almost not growing, lactation on her condition is likely to have no effect.But the growth of leaf-fibroadenoma unlikely to stop - the reasons for its rapid growth and malignancy (degeneration into malignant tumor) been studied enough.

fibroadenoma of the breast may interfere with breastfeeding.Intrakanikulyarnaya (growing deep into the milk ducts), and perikanikulyarnaya (growing around the milk ducts and squeezing it) fibroadenoma and its mixed views may overlap during the milk ducts, endanger lactostasis (stagnation of milk) and mastitis (inflammation in the mammary gland).


How to help women with fibroadenoma, planning a pregnancy

situation requires an individual approach.If a woman over 30 years and fibroadenoma is not growing, then you can take the risk and allow pregnancy.If a woman of 30 years there is a growing node or leaf-fibroadenoma fibroadenoma, most experts will recommend its removal during pregnancy planning.

After removing the fibroadenoma is recommended to maintain a healthy lifestyle, avoiding stress, fully regain their health, and only then plan a pregnancy.

Pregnancy and breast fibroadenoma - is not terrible for the fetus and during pregnancy.But the woman's health is at stake, as it is difficult to predict how to behave during pregnancy tumor.

Galina Romanenko