Pregnancy and diet - it does not harm your baby

  • Pregnancy and diet - it does not harm your child
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Pregnancy Diet Pregnancy and diet - whether to stick to any rules in the diet?Obstetricians believe that not only necessary, but also necessary.But dieting, a woman should receive a complete set of nutrients - proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals that are essential for the growth and development of the child.


Why limit salt?

healthy pregnant women can afford to eat whatever she wants, but while adhering to certain restrictions.During pregnancy it is necessary to limit the consumption of foods, promoting fluid retention.It's salty - water retention will contribute to circulatory problems and create the risk of preeclampsia - toxicosis second half of pregnancy.

But many pregnant women like salty, what do you do?Healthy pregnant women is not necessary to completely abandon these useful products such as herring, sauerkraut and pickles, but to use them better in limited quantities.But if there is a threat to the development of preeclampsia (the first signs of a delay in the body fluid Tell your doctor after the next weighing), all salt should be deleted.


If you like sweet and fatty

Indeed, during pregnancy many women really want something sweet, evenif they have not been sweet tooth.Tastes change against the background of hormonal changes the body.

Yet pregnant woman should know that too much weight gain at the expense of adipose tissue is also undesirable.This is a high load on the cardiovascular system, which also can lead to gestosis and circulatory disorders of the fetus.And it is fraught with placental insufficiency placental insufficiency - a deviation from the norm Placental insufficiency - a deviation from the norm - state, when the child does not receive oxygen and nutrients due to impaired circulation in the placenta.Such bad fruit develops behind in weight, often suffering from disorders of the central nervous system.

But fetoplacental insufficiency develops not always, and may increase the weight of the fruit with her mother.This will create problems during childbirth.A very large baby more often injured during childbirth, it is less adapted to life vneutrbnoy and prone to various infections.

weight gain can provide not only sweet, but also animal fats - they also should be limited.In addition, fatty food - it is also a high load on the liver and pancreas Diabetes and pancreas - the things you need to know Diabetes and pancreas - the things you need to know , which during pregnancy and so operate at full capacity.

So in the daily diet of a pregnant woman is too much to put on weight should be limited to sweets, pastries, sodas, fatty meat, fish and dairy products.If a woman gains weight normally, it can sometimes afford to eat these foods, but with significant weight gain, their use should be restricted.

said beer during pregnancy is useful and how to give up cigarettes, strong coffee?

Any kind of alcohol during pregnancy is strictly contraindicated.Alcohol - is poison to neuro- and hepatotoxic effects, that is, he is able to kill cells of the brain and the liver, including in the fetus.Some women consume beer during pregnancy seems to be no apparent adverse effects.But the body of the pregnant woman is different and there is no guarantee that if the child during pregnancy is not affected by the beer to a woman, it will not have negative effects on the fetus of another woman.In addition, the effects of alcohol consumption during pregnancy may affect later when the child starts school.

no less detrimental effect on the fetus of smoking.That maternal smoking can be, for example, the cause of the child's hydrocephalus - water on the brain.

strong tea and coffee contain caffeine, as it contributes to a narrowing of blood vessels, which can lead to circulatory problems in the mother and fetus.


Constipation and hemorrhoids - how to win?

constipation are almost all pregnant women.They arise due to the large amount of blood in the female sex hormone progesterone Progesterone - norm and pathology Progesterone - norm and pathology , which inhibits intestinal peristalsis, as well as due to a fact that the growing uterus backs intestines and prevents the passage of feces on it.And if you have constipation, sooner or later will hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids - a shameful disease Hemorrhoids - a shameful disease , because during pregnancy there is always a certain stagnation of venous blood.

To win constipation, you should eat often, 5-6 times a day, while eating small amounts of food.Overcome constipation help dairy products, cooked beets, boiled and steamed vegetables, fresh fruits and vegetables.


helpful What a pregnant woman

The daily diet of the pregnant woman should have all the necessary for the growth and development of the fruit ingredients.First of all, it is a protein - lean meat, fish, dairy products (especially dairy and low-fat cottage cheese), nuts, seeds.From carbohydrates - cereals, vegetables, fruits, they are a source of energy and contain all necessary vitamins and minerals.Better to use vegetable fats, because animals will have enough to do with meat, fish and milk.

complete diet with very few restrictions, will facilitate the normal course of pregnancy and the birth of a healthy baby.

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