Hepatitis in pregnancy - it is always dangerous

Hepatitis in pregnancy Hepatitis in pregnancy phenomenon is not frequent, but exclude its development during this period of a woman's life is impossible.A particularly dangerous for pregnant hepatitis E is why - not reliably established.The danger is, and chronic hepatitis Chronic hepatitis - a diagnosis for life Chronic hepatitis - a diagnosis for life , which a woman fell ill before pregnancy.


Hepatitis B and pregnancy - how dangerous it is?

liver - an organ that detoxifies and removes from the body all the major toxins, including those formed as a result of metabolism.During pregnancy increases the load on the liver, because it now has to be cleaned not one, but two organisms - mother and child.

If this develops any disease of the liver, the liver is unable to cope with its main function - cleansing the body.As a result, the blood accumulates a large amount of toxins have a negative impact on the mother and child.Violation of the liver leads to poor blood circulation, the fruit does not get him the necessary nutrients and oxygen, and this is reflected in its development - there is a risk of placental insufficiency.

risk to mother and child depends on the cause of the hepatitis and timeliness of its detection.For example, viral hepatitis at untimely detection and absence of adequate treatment can cause intrauterine fetal loss.

is especially dangerous for pregnant women Hepatitis Hepatitis - the scourge of our time Hepatitis - the scourge of our time E - this is not the most serious form of hepatitis can causethe death of a pregnant woman.Fortunately hepatitis E - a rarity in our country, it is common in countries with hot climate and water supplies disrupted, as is transmitted primarily through tap water.


Symptoms of hepatitis during pregnancy

symptoms of acute hepatitis during pregnancy are usually the same, regardless of the reasons that caused them.It starts acute disease with fever, weakness, headache, joint pain, malaise.After a week or two there yellowness sclera (ikterichnost) and skin pain in the right hypochondrium, nausea, vomiting, bloating, unstable chair.Icteric stage of the disease lasts about a month, followed by a stage of recovery and the symptoms regress.

particularly dangerous viral hepatitis E Hepatitis E - a disease that is most often spread by a fault in the Hepatitis E - a disease that is most often spread by malfunction and drug-induced hepatitis drug-induced hepatitis - is not such a rare disease Drug-induced hepatitis - is not such a rare disease during pregnancy.Drug-induced hepatitis, given the high burden on the liver during pregnancy can very quickly go into a toxic liver necrosis.Women with the condition can be very serious, until the development of coma.

dangerous viral hepatitis E is for pregnant women to develop their severe forms of the disease, which is rarely found among the other contingents of patients - Hepatitis E typically has a mild current.

Among other viral hepatitis greatest threat is a combination of viral hepatitis B and D. The disease can be severe with severe intoxication, prolonged jaundice and often becomes chronic.The severity of the disease may be different - from non-severe forms with complete recovery to severe with subsequent transition to a chronic course.There is also the risk of passing the virus through the placenta and the development of intrauterine infection.

Hepatitis A usually does not have a significant impact on the course of pregnancy and childbirth and does not cause fetal infection.Childbirth can worsen during an acute hepatitis.Most acute hepatitis in pregnant women are asymptomatic.

Chronic hepatitis in pregnant women - a rare phenomenon, as in chronic hepatitis develop significant hormonal disorders of the reproductive system and infertility.But if pregnancy still occurs, depending on the degree of activity of the hepatitis resolved the question of its termination or continuation of the first trimester.


analysis for hepatitis during pregnancy

diagnosis of hepatitis during pregnancy put on the basis of characteristic symptoms of the disease, these biochemical blood tests (level of increase in the blood levels of liver enzymes and bilirubin level of activity corresponds to the process), and determine the type of virusantibodies thereto, as well as antibodies to the own cells in the case of liver autoimmune hepatitis.Work is also ultrasound of the liver.Puncture liver pregnant women do not.


Treatment of hepatitis in pregnant

Treatment of hepatitis in pregnant women is carried out only in a hospital.Appointed by bed rest, gentle nutrition, detoxification therapy, drugs with hepatoprotective action.

diet for pregnant women with hepatitis - is a table number 5, the food is rich in vitamins and minerals with limited animal fats and 5 - 6-course meal.

To prevent the disease a vaccine is introduced, which includes a surface antigen of hepatitis B. Vaccination against hepatitis B and pregnancy are quite compatible, but try to do it before pregnancy or after childbirth.Pregnant women vaccinated against hepatitis B is only done in the case of moving to an area where there is a threat outbreaks.

Galina Romanenko