Treatment after missed abortion - strictly individual

  • Treatment after missed abortion - strictly individual
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treatment after missed abortion Treatment after missed abortion is carried out only after a thorough examination and establish the cause of miscarriage Miscarriage -Why you lose the most precious thing? Miscarriage - why you lose the most precious thing? .Only such a treatment can be effective.But such a survey is carried out only after the second missed abortion.


Emergency care for women with missed abortion

missed abortion - is a condition in which the death of the embryo or fetus in a particular period.After the death of the fetus is not removed from the uterus itself, but remains in it, creating the risk of serious complications for the woman.

Therefore, if a woman has evolved missed abortion, the entire contents of the uterus must be removed.Sometimes, if a woman has no signs of intoxication, doctors take a wait - the body can rid itself of the fetus by miscarriage or premature birth.But often when missed abortion that does not happen, so women need urgent medical attention.

Remove dead embryo or fetus from the uterus during early pregnancy in the following ways:

  • using tablets;This medical method in which prescribed drug mifepristone, which suppresses the secretion of progesterone Progesterone - norm and pathology Progesterone - norm and pathology , which leads to the active uterine contractions and miscarriage;to enhance the effect of prescribed drugs, enhancing uterine contractions, which includes a biologically active substance prostaglandins;
  • using vacuum extraction;
  • using uterine curettage (cleaning).
  • In late pregnancy missed first trimester the fetus is removed by means of artificially induced labor.


Cleaning after missed abortion

curettage (cleaning) after missed abortion is a full-fledged operation, which is performed under general anesthesia.During an operation using special tools expanding the cervical canal, it is administered in the scraping tool (curette), through which the embryo or the fetus is removed, and the surface layer of the mucous membrane of the uterus.

postoperative period in different women held differently.Pain after cleaning missed abortion held from 1-2 days to a week.Discharge after curettage missed abortion hold up to two weeks.After her condition stabilized, it is discharged from the hospital.Further examination and treatment on an outpatient basis.If there are no complications, the month after missed abortion recovered in 2-3 months.


Complications after missed abortion

after missed abortion complications are mainly related to the fact that missed first trimester the fetus can decompose and infect the uterus.And as missed first trimester fetus often have to be removed, which is accompanied by bleeding, risk of infection increases.To reduce the risk of infection to a minimum, a woman prescribed antibiotics and in most cases, removal of the fetus from the uterus of the frozen passes without complications.

Another complication can be bleeding, which can occur, as in spontaneous abortion, and when you remove the fetus from the uterus using a variety of medical procedures.With this complication in a modern specialist clinic successfully cope.

Finally, while scraping the uterine cavity curettage - how dangerous it is? Curettage - how dangerous it is? possible perforation (perforation) of its wall medical instruments.At the time noticed by the perforation successfully liquidated.

Any interruption of pregnancy causes hormonal disorders, so there may be a violation of the menstrual cycle, which is before pregnancy a woman was not.

One of the complications of missed abortion is a violation of a woman's mental state.Depression after a missed abortion, especially if it occurred in the later period, the phenomenon of frequent and not every woman the strength to cope with this state of their own, sometimes need help of a psychiatrist.

Together psychiatrist and gynecologist woman able to help and explain what life after missed abortion missed abortion - do not lose faith in yourself Missed abortion - do not lose faith in yourself ends.If it was the first missed abortion, most often a complication was haphazard and the next pregnancy may result in the birth of a healthy baby safely.

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