HCG ectopic pregnancy - define the level

HCG ectopic pregnancy In the early stages of ectopic pregnancy, many women have the same symptoms that are characteristic of normal pregnancy.But with the help of modern diagnostic methods, hCG ectopic pregnancy, it can be detected before it has time to cause serious health effects.

human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) - a hormone that begins to be developed from the beginning of pregnancy.It consists of an alpha and beta subunit, and in the analysis of blood or urine levels determined beta-hCG.Thus, when it comes to analyzing hCG, it is assumed in the analysis of the subunits of this type.

In normal pregnancy hCG may be detected in blood within eleven days after conception, and in urine - twelve to fourteen days.That is, with the help of such tests pregnancy can be diagnosed before the delay monthly month delay - when to sound the alarm? Delayed menstruation - when to sound the alarm? .


Dynamics hCG ectopic pregnancy

hCG level is directly related to gestational age and the size of the embryo.When normal intrauterine pregnancy hCG doubles every 48-72 hours, until, finally, its concentration in the blood reaches 10000-20000 mIU / ml.During ectopic pregnancy increase the level of hCG is usually less significant, but, unfortunately, everything is not so simple.

at the earliest timing of a healthy pregnancy the level of hCG in the blood can be increased by half, on average, two days (with a range from 1.4 to 2.1 days).The minimum increase in the normal level of hCG two days is considered an increase of its concentration by 66%.If the level of hCG in two days has risen by less than 66%, we can assume that a woman or abnormal intrauterine pregnancy, or - the embryo develops outside the uterus.But this - only the average rate, true for many patients, but not for everyone.Approximately 15% of women during a healthy pregnancy increases the concentration of hCG less than 66%.At the same time, 13% of the level of ectopic pregnancy when hCG every two days increased to 66% or more.

In one study, it was shown that in the very early stages of ectopic pregnancy dynamics of hCG can be normal in 64% of cases.It was also found that there is a viable pregnancy sometimes even at higher levels of hCG by only 53% in two days.

what level of hCG is ectopic pregnancy?Simple answer to this question is difficult, but in the analysis of case histories of 730 women in early pregnancy who complained of pain in the lower abdomen, and / or vaginal bleeding vaginal bleeding - if monthly return when they were not expecting Vaginal bleeding - if monthly return when they were not expecting ,it was concluded that the levels of hCG below 1500 mIU / ml more than doubled the likelihood that a woman has an ectopic pregnancy Ectopic pregnancy - Fatal dangerous Ectopic pregnancy - Fatal dangerous .Among the 158 patients who had the hCG is below this level, 25% had ectopic pregnancies, and only 16% of the embryo inside the uterus to develop normally.It was also found that 40% of women with ruptured fallopian tube ectopic pregnancy hCG level was below 1000 mIU / ml and, according to some sources, the lower its concentration in such cases, the worse the prognosis.

At the same time, it is noted that the variation in the results of analyzes on hCG can be overwhelming.

are cases when the levels of hCG in the ectopic pregnancy reached 50000-70000 mIU / mL, and the times when he was extremely low - only 10-25 mIU / mL.

Thus, although the average levels of hCG in the case of an ectopic pregnancy are lower than during a normal pregnancy, the results of analysis alone is not enough to make a correct diagnosis.Also, be aware that the abnormally low level of hCG may also be a sign of missed abortion Signs missed abortion Signs of missed abortion , fetal death (usually in the second trimester of pregnancy), as well as some other problems, which can lead to miscarriageor the need for abortion.


Analysis of hCG in the ectopic pregnancy and ultrasound

combination of these two methods is the most effective way to diagnose an ectopic pregnancy, although each of them individually is hardly enough reliable.As we have said, the results of HCG ectopic pregnancy may be abnormal and may well be in the normal range.Ultrasound is also unreliable - in fact the embryo develops outside the womb with the help detect rare, and the basis for the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy is likely confirm the absence of a normal pregnancy.

If during ultrasonography appendages (in the fallopian tube), it was found the seal that looks like a dark spot, and a pregnancy test, the patient tested positive, the conclusion is obvious.

However, in 80% of patients with ectopic pregnancy ultrasound in the early stages gives normal results, or is not sufficiently informative.In such cases, if there are any other grounds for suspicion of an ectopic pregnancy, your doctor may prescribe another ultrasound a few days later and retested for hCG every two or three days.If in a week or two (the exact date depends on the intended duration of pregnancy) fertilized egg is still not detected, and the level of HCG will increase more slowly than usual in normal pregnancy is likely to be diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy.