Otitis Pregnancy - self-ruled!

otitis during pregnancy Otitis during pregnancy - is not such a rare phenomenon.The fact is that during pregnancy there is a natural decrease in immunity, and any colds can give complication on the ears - otitis.Timely access to a doctor and the appointment of proper treatment would cope with the disease.


Otitis in pregnancy - how dangerous it is?

Otitis media - an inflammation of the ear.And as a human ear is divided into outer, middle and inner, respectively, and otitis media can be an external, middle and inner (the latter is called labyrinthitis).

Otitis externa in pregnancy leads to inflammation of the external ear canal.The infection often begins with a skin injury of the external auditory canal, and then penetrate into the injured skin infection.Frequent removal of ear wax, which protects the skin of the ear passage from external influences, can also contribute to the development of otitis externa Otitis externa - all the dangers of the disease Otitis externa - all the dangers of the disease .

otitis externa manifested by itching, pain, and sometimes a slight rise in temperature, short-term hearing loss, nasal sensation or pressure in the ear, tinnitus.If the process is purulent, the ear can cause discharge.With proper and adequate treatment of otitis externa all phenomena are in a few days.

Otitis media during pregnancy is often a complication of infection in the nasopharynx.The infection in this case falls into the ear via the auditory (eustachian) tube, which starts in the middle ear and opens into the nasopharynx.

Pregnant women otitis media occurs in different ways.Sometimes with fever, stuffy ears, hearing loss, tinnitus, headache, severe shooting pains and purulent discharge from the ear - that is, has all the characteristics of this disease.But often during pregnancy, even purulent otitis occur with clearly pronounced symptoms, and in some cases even without the pain and heat - it is one of the peculiarities of pregnancy: the body can not adequately respond to infection due to lower immunity.

Severe pain in the ear during otitis media continue as long as the pus did not make its way into the ear canal, making a hole in the eardrum.Once appear purulent discharge from the ear, decreased or held pain and reduces fever.But the pus from the ear will stand still for about a week, as long as the middle ear is not fully cleared.After that, a hole in the eardrum heals all the broken functions restored.

Pregnant women during the course of acute otitis erased Acute otitis media: to treat that disease does not become chronic Acute otitis media: to heal, to not become a chronic disease big enough risk of transition of acute to chronic.Therefore, even when a little pain or discomfort in the ear should be referred to the ENT doctor.


How to treat otitis media in pregnancy

Some women are afraid to go to the doctor because of the fact that treatment can harm the baby.This is a wrong attitude.Knowing about pregnancy, ENT doctor may prescribe a woman a treatment that does not adversely impact on the fetus.In the early stages of the disease it is not hard to do.

treatment of otitis media during pregnancy usually begin with the appointment of local medicines.But if purulent otitis media, accompanied by severe pain and high fever, sometimes you want to remove pus from the tympanic cavity (this is done by a puncture) and prescribe antibiotics.For small pregnancy a woman have to tell the doctor about his condition.In this case, he will choose the antibiotic is not contraindicated during pregnancy.

Locally appointed vasoconstrictor nose drops vasoconstrictive nose drops - use with caution! Vasoconstrictor nose drops - use with caution! .They are well relieve swelling in the auditory tube, which facilitates the condition of patients.But during pregnancy vasoconstrictor drops used with caution, as they can cause constriction of blood vessels of the placenta.In such cases, the ENT doctors recommend the use of vasoconstrictive drops intended for children (for example, 0.01% nazivin).

help with pain in the ear and drops otipaks, they can be used during pregnancy.Drops otipaks instill 3-4 drops 2-3 times daily.But if you have the ear of pus (this indicates perforation of the tympanic membrane), ear drops are not administered as drops from entering the middle ear can cause partial loss of hearing.

Warming ear with a strong ear pain before medical examination is not recommended, as the cause of the pain can be the accumulation of pus.Heat will promote vasodilation and increased risk of infection to other organs and tissues, including the brain.

Otitis during pregnancy - how to avoid it?As otitis media in most cases is a complication of a viral infection, a pregnant woman should as little as possible to visit places with large concentrations of people, especially in the cold season.Of great importance is strengthening the immune system and Immunity - help the immune system Strengthening the immune system - help the immune system , the best tool for this is regular walking outdoors.ENT doctors also recommend to avoid getting water in your ears while swimming.

Galina Romanenko