Chickenpox in pregnancy - it is always dangerous

Chickenpox in pregnancy Chickenpox during pregnancy is always a risk to the fetus, so if a woman is not sick chicken pox as a child, it is best to plan pregnancy with a preliminary examination.Including this period determine the presence of antibodies in the blood of women to the pathogen of chickenpox.If they do not, the woman recommended the introduction of varicella vaccine.


In some cases, a pregnant woman may be ill with chickenpox

pregnant woman is at risk of chickenpox in the event that it has not suffered the disease in childhood.In this case, contact with pregnant patients with chickenpox or shingles (disease caused by the same pathogen) will end the disease.However, chicken pox in children sometimes asymptomatic, leaving, however, behind a lifelong immunity.Therefore, even if a woman knows exactly what not had chickenpox should donate blood to check that it contains antibodies to the chickenpox.

Similarly, it is not necessary to be absolutely sure that it is impossible to become infected with chickenpox during pregnancy if the woman carried her childhood.In this case, as it is secure and carry out a blood test for antibodies to chickenpox Chickenpox: painful, but not dangerous Chickenpox: painful, but not dangerous .The reasons for re-infection can be a reduction in the overall immunity (physiological state, characteristic of pregnancy) and a change in the properties of the pathogen infections - herpes simplex virus type 3 Herpes type 3 - causes chicken pox and shingles Herpes type 3 - causes chicken pox and shingles varicella zoster (mutation), resulting inwhich antibodies to a childhood chickenpox will not be able to neutralize him.


What to do to prevent chickenpox in pregnant

Because of all these reasons, pregnant women should minimize the possibility of contact with sick chicken pox.If a woman has older children without a history of chickenpox and visiting children's group, then it is better to enter the immunoglobulin against chickenpox.Pregnancy and chickenpox have a child - it's always dangerous.

But the most correct is planning to become pregnant.During this period, the child's parents are full survey, including a mother donates blood for the presence of antibodies to chickenpox.If they are not, the woman offered to be vaccinated against chickenpox Vaccination against chickenpox - all you need it? Vaccination against chickenpox - all you need it? , after which conception is possible only after three months when fully formed immunity.Pregnancy after chickenpox and better plan no earlier than three months.Pregnant women vaccinated not carried out, but they can be ready to enter into the blood antibodies to chickenpox as an immunoglobulin.

Chickenpox monthly and may also be related: as any infection, chickenpox can cause mild dysfunction, which is manifested, for example, in a small delay in the monthly month delay - when to sound the alarm? Delayed menstruation - when to sound the alarm? .


are exposed to chicken pox Maternity

Chickenpox during pregnancy most often occurs in the same way as in non-pregnant.However, in adults the infection is always a tendency to moderate and severe, and decreased immunity in pregnant women can cause additional complications threat.Influence of chickenpox pregnancy is difficult to fully predict.Symptoms of chickenpox in pregnant women may be complicated by the addition of viral pneumonia, chicken pox, and involvement of other organs and tissues.

Like any infection, chicken pox early in pregnancy is dangerous for the fetus, because in the first 12 weeks (first trimester) is a bookmark of organs and tissues.At the same time the placenta has not yet formed, and can not fully protect the fetus from infection.Nevertheless, the fruit is rarely infected in this period, but if intrauterine chickenpox still evolving, it is not without consequences remains: can fetal death and spontaneous miscarriage or severe deformities from the organs and tissues that have been amazed at the bookmark.

Chickenpox in pregnant women in this period often leads to the defeat of the central nervous system, eyes and limbs underdevelopment.

Check the availability of these complications can usually in the second trimester during the ultrasound.If a pregnant woman visits a doctor timely antenatal clinic and the child will be found incompatible with the life malformations, pregnancy will be interrupted.

Dangerous if a windmill for pregnant women during the second and third trimester?Starting with the 20 and 36 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus will be protected by the placenta and infection with chickenpox (even if a woman carries her severe) is very rare.Chickenpox in pregnant women in this period almost never complicated by intrauterine infection.

But chickenpox late in pregnancy is very dangerous.The danger arises from 36 weeks of gestation, and increases as the delivery.The problem is that during this period the woman is not yet time to form the immune system and the child is infected just before birth, during birth or in the first few days after birth.Chickenpox during pregnancy, which, in such cases, the fetus is developing, called congenital and runs hard to defeat not only the skin and mucous membranes, and internal organs, as well as the central nervous system.


Chickenpox breastfeeding

In this case, chickenpox occurs in nursing mothers as well as other adults.But a real threat of disease chickenpox child.Therefore, you should immediately contact your pediatrician.

Chickenpox and pregnancy - it's dangerous, but not fatal, so this infection is not a cause for termination of pregnancy, unless the fetus has not been revealed severe deformities, which is quite rare.

Galina Romanenko