Syphilis and pregnancy - a serious threat to the fetus

Syphilis and Pregnancy Syphilis and pregnancy - is a threat of congenital syphilis to the fetus, and thus a real threat to his life and health.That is why all pregnant women for syphilis is required to inspect at least three times, including at the time of registration in the antenatal clinic and just before birth.


Syphilis in pregnant

It is always a danger for the child.This disease can cause miscarriage Miscarriage - whether it can be insured? Miscarriage - can you protect yourself from it? or premature birth.If the birth occur in a timely manner, children are often born dead with signs of maceration or with signs of congenital syphilis.

wilts causative agent of syphilis to the fetus through the diseased placenta (placental syphilis).The placenta thus detected significant changes: chorionic villi thickened, rich in connective tissue, blood vessels largely obliterated (enlighten them reduced or absent).

Syphilis during pregnancy causes changes in the placenta, which considerably increases in volume to a pale pink color and increased density.Subsequently, affected with syphilis, it may be two or more times heavier than the placenta of healthy women.In this afterbirth abortion occurs in 24-28 weeks due to the fact that the child's body is not getting the right nutrients and oxygen and dies - that's why most experts believe that syphilis Syphilis - punishment Venus Syphilis - punishment of Venus and pregnancy incompatible concepts.

If syphilis infection of the fetus during pregnancy the baby is born with signs of congenital syphilis and may die soon after birth.If a child survives, there may be significant changes to its internal organs and central nervous system.Sometimes all manifestations of congenital syphilis develops a few years after birth.

Syphilis and childbirth - is also always a problem: often premature births and the child dies.If syphilis infection happened in the last months of pregnancy, and the fetus does not have time to become infected with syphilis, it is possible the infection during birth.


analysis for syphilis during pregnancy

Tests for syphilis during pregnancy, all women are held three times: at the time of registration in the antenatal clinic, 28 -30 and 36 weeks of pregnancy.

netreponemnye conduct such tests as Wasserman (RW) and its more sensitive and high-quality modern counterparts - RPR, VDRL.If you have syphilis, they are always positive.But these tests may identify false positive syphilis in pregnant women, because they are non-specific and may be positive in other diseases.

In identifying the positive RW necessarily held treponemal tests (ELISA, TPHA, FTA, RIBT), which are positive only in syphilis.The disadvantage of these tests is that they can stay positive and after successful treatment for syphilis until the end of life.These tests detect antibodies to syphilis Treponema pallidum.

In order to definitively confirm the diagnosis of syphilis, requires a positive non-treponemal test (for example, RW), and two non-treponemal (eg, ELISA and PHA).


treatment of syphilis in pregnancy

treatment is carried out in the second trimester, from 20 to 24 weeks of pregnancy - is the safest for the fetus period.It is believed that up to 24 weeks of pregnancy syphilis infection of the fetus occurs.

treatment of syphilis in pregnant women with antibiotics of the penicillin group of specially designed for pregnant schemes.


treated syphilis and pregnancy

Syphilis during pregnancy is transferred to the fetus through the mother's body, syphilis.The more time passed from the moment of infection to her pregnancy and the more intense it is treated before pregnancy and during it, the less the risk of infection of the fetus, its fetal death or birth of a child with congenital syphilis Congenital syphilis - infection of the fetus in utero from sick mother .

Can you give birth after syphilis?Yes, it is possible, and perhaps the birth of a healthy baby.It is believed that the optimal time for planning pregnancy is considered to be two - three years after treatment.If, despite treatment, during pregnancy there is a suspicion of infection, treatment is carried out during pregnancy in the second trimester, from 20 to 24 weeks, after which the woman carefully observe, analyze syphilis - it allows you to have a healthy baby.

Pregnancy after syphilis is quite possible, but careful observation, and sometimes preventive treatment of women.

prevention of syphilis in pregnancy - a pregnancy planning with advanced full inspection of the parents.If in such a case, one of the spouses is detected syphilis, the diagnosis be confirmed disease conducted a thorough examination of the wife, which resulted in the couple or one spouse is assigned treatment.Pregnancy after treatment of syphilis treatment of syphilis - a laborious process Treatment of syphilis - a laborious process recommended two to three years.

Galina Romanenko