Oxalate in the urine during pregnancy - the risk of complications in the mother and fetus

oxalates in the urine during pregnancy oxalate in the urine during pregnancy normally found even in smaller numbers than before pregnancy, since calcium oxalate is used to construct the skeletal system of the fetus.Therefore, a persistent increase in oxalate in the urine of a pregnant woman becomes a signal for its further investigation and establish the causes of this phenomenon.


What do oxalate in the urine during pregnancy

Oxalate - a salt of oxalic acid, mainly calcium oxalate.Normally they are formed during cell metabolism Metabolism: The basis of life of all living Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things and only a small amount coming from outside the body with food.Then 85-95% of oxalate excreted human urine.Thus in urinalysis detect oxalate as crystals can be used only if their content is higher than normal.

oxaluria can develop and exist long before pregnancy, may be due to some processes that occur during pregnancy.

oxalate in the urine during pregnancy first appeared in the background of various diseases.For example, diseases of the digestive organs (intestines, liver, biliary tract, pancreas), diabetes, lack of vitamins (B6, A, E), some minerals (magnesium, potassium), any acute infectious diseases and so on.

All these reasons can cause metabolic oxalate.Very often as a result of compression of the growing uterus digestive organs impairs their function, which contributes to increased absorption of oxalate in the blood coming from the food.

oxalate in the urine of pregnant dangerous because they can lead to impaired renal function.This happens because the oxalate excreted in the urine, and increased concentration in urine can promote the formation of calcium oxalate kidney stones Kidney stones: identify and treat Kidney stones: identify and treat .

kidneys during pregnancy bear a double burden, and even a slight decrease in their function is fraught with complications, both the mother and from the fetus.


How does oxalates in the urine

oxaluria in pregnant women often asymptomatic and the state of health of pregnant women is not reflected.But if she has a kidney disease, then oxaluria becomes dangerous.All kidney disease, especially infectious and inflammatory processes tend to identify asymptomatic and their sometimes not easy.

During pregnancy there is a physiological depression of immunity, which contributes to recurrence of infectious and inflammatory diseases, including pyelonephritis recurrence pyelonephritis - renal Pyelonephritis - kidney .In addition, there is such a thing as pyelonephritis pregnant - a disease which develops during pregnancy and disappears after childbirth.

Against infectious and inflammatory processes in the kidneys oxaluria enhanced, which creates prerequisites for renal dysfunction.

oxalate in the urine during pregnancy may also occur with diabetes mellitus pregnant women - another disease that occurs during pregnancy and disappears after delivery.In diabetes mellitus - threatening and incurable disease Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease affected peripheral vessels, including vessels of the kidneys, which, as well as oxaluria will contribute to dysfunction of the body.

If the kidney function in the blood accumulate toxic substances, and there is a gradual poisoning of the mother's body and fetus.The woman there is a weakness, lethargy, headaches and other symptoms of intoxication.Increased amounts of toxins in the blood affects the condition of the child, especially for the development of his brain.If the background of violations of kidney function begins the second half of pregnancy toxemia (preeclampsia), it flows very hard.


oxalate in the urine of pregnant - what to do?

do not panic - the main thing in time to detect and take action.It is timely to identify and eliminate all kinds of complications observed in female monthly antenatal clinic.

Upon detection in the general analysis of urine from pregnant oxalate crystals it is prescribed quantitative analysis of urine oxalate - the study of their content in daily urine.If oxaluria confirmed, but there is no concomitant diseases that contribute to its strengthening, woman recommended a special diet with the exception of foods rich in oxalate.In identifying latent diseases of the kidneys, diabetes and other diseases of women appointed timely treatment.

oxalate in the urine during pregnancy often does not affect the condition of mother and child.But they need special prenatal care in order to detect and prevent serious complications.

Galina Romanenko