Herpes on the lip during pregnancy - in most cases not dangerous

Herpes on the lip during pregnancy Herpes on the lip during pregnancy is not usually dangerous, as the causative agent of the infection is usually ingested in early childhood.By the time a woman is preparing to become a mother, she produces immunity against the infection.This immunity is passed, and the child, protecting him from the virus within a few months after birth.


Herpes on the lips of pregnant - is it dangerous?

Pregnancy and herpes on the lips - a frequent combination.This happens because during pregnancy under the influence of hormones decreases immunity.As a result of the herpes simplex virus Herpes simplex - actually not so simple Herpes simplex - in fact, not so simple I (HSV-I), causes cold sores on the lips, it is activated rapidly multiply and cause inflammation.

HSV-I ingested by women in early childhood (usually after three years) and for all settles it.In response to the introduction of infection organism produces proteins specific immunoglobulins (antibodies), protecting it from infection.During the initial introduction of infection into the body in a few days the mother's blood appear antibodies of immunoglobulin class M (IgM).These antibodies time, they can be detected in the blood for several months, but less than a year.After 10-14 days after introduction of another type of infection appears antibodies belonging to the class of immunoglobulin G (IgG).IgG are detected in human blood for the rest of life - they will protect the fetus from the negative impact of the herpes virus.

HSV-I settled in the cells of nerve ganglia, and is in a dormant inactive.From the "hibernation" of such a virus can bring decreased immunity or injury lips.In this case, the herpes virus is activated, multiplies rapidly enters the nerve endings in the skin cells and cause inflammation.Such an inflammatory process does not have any negative effects on the fetus as infectious agents is securely locked antibodies Antibodies - "soldiers' immunity Antibodies - "soldiers of IgG in the blood of the mother.

is believed that about 95% of adult men and women infected with herpes simplex virus type-I.The remaining 5% are not susceptible to HSV-I - why this is happening today is not established.Despite this, the possibility to eliminate the primary infection with HSV-I was not possible during pregnancy.

problem often is before pregnancy a woman had no lesions on the lips.This does not exclude, as the presence of both latent chronic infection and primary infection.

And as any herpes virus first entered the body during pregnancy may have adverse effects on the fetus, it is important to promptly establish a herpes on the lips of a pregnant woman a consequence of primary infection or recurrence of latent infections.


Laboratory diagnosis of herpes on the lips

To confirm the diagnosis of herpes on the lips Herpes on the lips - problems with immunity Herpes on the lips - with immunity problems conducted two types of tests - PCR and ELISA.PCR or polymerase chain reaction to detect the presence of HSV-I in biological fluids of the body - in swabs taken from the site of inflammation in the blood and so on.

But for pregnant women such evidence is not enough: you need to know exactly what the primary infection is chronic or recurrent herpes.Clarify this by using ELISA - enzyme immunoassay blood blood test: the mirror of health Blood tests: a mirror of health , which allows you to detect the presence of antibodies - IgM and IgG.

presence of IgM suggests that infection has occurred recently and is primary.But the difficulty is that of IgM antibodies may sometimes appear, and in relapsed disease.Much more reliable indicator is the presence in the blood of women of early forms of IgG, which form unstable coupling with antigens - the herpes virus.Such forms of IgG are unstable symptom of primary infection.Over time, the adhesion between the antibody and antigen become strong - a sign disease duration.


What if cold sores on the lips - the result of primary infection?

Such a result is extremely rare and is nonsense.The most common cause of primary herpetic infection is genital herpes, which is caused by HSV-II.Nevertheless, this situation is theoretically possible.

Then do the same as in primary infection with HSV-II: if the contamination occurred in the first three months of pregnancy, then it is recommended to interrupt, if later, the left, carefully watching the fetus using ultrasound - in mostcases, an ultrasound can detect abnormalities in the fetus.

Herpes on the lip during pregnancy should not cause panic among the women - whom the disease is rarely passed.The primary manifestations of herpes on the lips of adults are extremely rare, as the herpes simplex virus type I ingested in childhood.

Galina Romanenko