How to recognize the struggle: Women's consultation

how to recognize contractions Recognize fight easy if deliveries occur again.Nulliparous, women can not always do it.It was to teach women to recognize the true battle, that is the beginning of labor, in antenatal clinics exist school preparation for childbirth.

true and false labor - why they occur

true battle - is the beginning of birth, their first period, and false labor - is to prepare the uterine muscles for childbirth.In order to distinguish one from the other fights, you need to know what is happening at this time in a woman's body.

true battle begins when the fruit is ripe, and the information about it goes to the brain.This leads to the appearance in the blood of women of biologically active substances that stimulate uterine contractions - prostaglandins and pituitary hormone oxytocin, which stimulates muscle contractions.Under the influence of these substances uterine muscle fibers begin to shrink in different directions, contributing to a slow and gradual disclosure of the uterus to a width of 11-12 cm. Uterine contractions occur regularly at the same time with a constant reduction in the time between contractions and the growth of the intensity of contractions.

False contractions are not a sign of the onset of labor, it is believed that this is just training, capacity strength of uterine muscles before birth, which occurs at low physiological hormonal changes a few weeks before birth.Hormonal changes are the increase in the blood of female sex hormone estrogen, which inhibit the action of progesterone slightly Progesterone - norm and pathology Progesterone - norm and pathology - a hormone that previously inhibited contraction of muscles of the uterus.False labor, some women have during pregnancy.

Symptoms false contractions

False contractions most women painless and only some of the most sensitive to the pain of womenappear with pain.Most often, these contractions are felt just as the uterine contractions, which she could not help but notice when something is busy.But in the evening or at night, at rest, such fights can cause anxiety, especially in nulliparous women.In multiparous women most of these problems do not happen, but it happens that when a woman has a previous pregnancy false contractions were not, then it can also feel anxious.

distinctive feature of false contractions is that they occur irregularly and their intensity does not increase.So, if one day there were several training bouts, the next day they can not be all.The intervals between contractions may be a few hours or days up to 15-20 crumple.

When false contractions woman should not worry if these contractions and it is very unpleasant, remove them with a walk around the room, walking outdoors, cup warm water (sip) or inhaling the soothing smell of valerian root.

Symptoms true contractions

True contractions in most cases start their own after 37-38 weeks of pregnancy, and are not related to the false.But in some cases, false contractions are moving in the truth.

appearance of true contractions may precede pain back pain: the spine signals Low back pain: the spine signals and abdomen, similar to menstrual.Then, after a while begin the fight.The main feature of the real fights - the regularity of their appearance.At first they may appear after 30-15 minutes, the pain is not so strong, but can frighten an unprepared woman.Preparation for childbirth can significantly reduce the pain of childbirth periods.

intervals between contractions gradually reduced, and the intensity and pain of contractions increases.The hospital recommended to do with fights, the intervals between which are about five minutes, and for this should go to the hospital with contractions that develop every seven minutes.

But there is one caveat: if there has been a premature discharge of water (normal water should depart when the cervix is ​​fully revealed), then you need to go to the hospital immediately.This is necessary because during the dry period of the fights may occur infection of the fetus, so women should be under the constant supervision of an obstetrician-gynecologist.

What if went into labor

If you start the fight, you need to calm down and begin to fix their duration and the time between contractions.These records need to bring to the hospital - they will help obstetricians and gynecologists to evaluate the intensity of labor.

distinguish the true from the false contractions is very simple, you just need to know how they arise and not to panic, and at the first appearance of painful contractions.

Galina Romanenko