Counter battles - a toy that will help overcome the fear of childbirth

Counter battles There are Internet sites with interactive counters fights.In principle, they do not represent anything special, like the same way you can record all pen on paper.However, often these counters comfort women and give them the confidence that everything is going as it should.

What is counter fights

counter usually fights a small table where you can press a button "Start" (when the battle began) and "Stop" (when the battle is over).The duration of the intervals between contractions counter will count itself.After a sufficient period of time counting (at least an hour with frequent fights and at least two hours with rare) pressed a button "complete count" and the label appears, where you can see the frequency and duration of contractions, as well as recorded in Count your notes about a particularbout.

This label must necessarily be analyzed if regular contractions, their duration increases and the intervals between them are reduced, it all goes wrong.Most counters are starting to signal that it's time to go to the hospital when contractions over a minute duration and intervals between contractions five minutes.

This approach

When regular contractions that require a simple calculation of the duration of labor and the intervals between them, followed by a separate analysis, the counter is quite possible to use contractions.

Positive aspects of this counter is also the fact that a woman is distracted from the pain, it reduces the level of anxiety anxiety - how to distinguish normal frompathology? Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? , which certainly has a beneficial effect on her.It's like a straw for which a woman holds in the hope that it will not sink.

But can fully trust the results, which provides the counter?Of course, not, that is, the time it certainly will calculate correctly, but the rest of the analysis is better to do it yourself.

In some cases, the meter does not fit fights

It does not fit in the case, when the bout is irregular.Time and here the counter will count properly, but its findings can be very confusing to introduce a woman, as it is just a program that can not take into account all the nuances of labor.Do not use the meter when irregular bouts irregular contractions - uterine activity anomaly Irregular contractions - an anomaly of uterine activity mainly because it can not only misleading, but also to frighten the woman his findings.

Why contractions may be irregular

Occasional may be false or abnormal contractions.If false labor is almost never painful, some women do not notice them, while women are more sensitive, especially nulliparous, it may take them as true contractions, that is the beginning of labor.But the false contractions are different from the true is irregular and painless.This battle is also called training: under the influence of the increased amount of estrogen in the weeks before the birth the uterus begins to train and gain strength to "not disappoint" during childbirth.

Abnormal contractions may be different.For example, they can occur before birth and wearing a very painful character - the so-called pathological preliminary period.Contractions in this case are uncoordinated and irregular and are not accompanied by disclosure of the cervix.In addition, the pain of this disease can be so great that the woman did not give anything to eat or sleep.It is possible the premature discharge of amniotic fluid, which is very dangerous in the obstruction of the birth canal.This is a dangerous condition that requires medical attention and constant supervision of obstetrician-gynecologist who decides on the delivery woman.

Comparing with pathological false contractions, then they have nothing in common, except for irregularities.But the counter with frequent bouts of false battles can advise immediately sent to the hospital, and in pathological - wait for further developments.And he and other advice, of course, unsuitable and may enter a woman astray.

Use counter labor or not?

Use is possible, but with the mind, that is the time to record and analyze their labor to carry out on their own - in this case the use of the counter will be good.

Every pregnant woman should have to leave to have a certain set of knowledge on how they will proceed.In particular it must have some idea about the first stage of labor - fights and that is false, true and abnormal contractions.All this can be learned in the classroom in the special school at the women's clinic.

Galina Romanenko