The second birth and during - the beaten track

second birth planning a second or subsequent pregnancy, a woman thinks about how it will proceed, what to expect from the complications of childbirth, and secondly whether they would be.As a rule, the second birth as second pregnancy will not be similar to the first, as you'd like or not like the expectant mother.As the saying goes: "You can not enter the same river twice."It argued that the second childbirth occur much faster and easier than the first.We could not agree on a number of reasons.

Repeated childbirth

Repeated childbirth - a second, third and subsequent generations.Their durability and ease of flow and affect the health of a woman and her lifestyle, trauma and fatigue.They, of course, shorter than the first birth and is associated with the genital tract of women willing to leave, the ability to more easily stretched, and thus the open cervix during labor.

for a second birth in the first period

As already mentioned, the cervix is ​​"remembers" previous generations, and therefore its opening will be faster and, most importantly, less painful.In addition, the expectant mother ready to fight psychologically and physically, know how to breathe correctly how to breathe correctly - modern and traditional techniques How to breathe correctly - modern and traditional techniques , where and when to do massage for pain relief, which is necessary to strike a pose for the convenience and rapid disclosurecervix.Repeated childbirth preparation contractions occur quickly and quietly, and often they'll become generic.As a result, during labor in multiparous women shortened from 10-12 hours, which is typical for the first birth, up to 6-8 hours.

for the second delivery in the second period

second stage of labor, or the period of the expulsion of the fetus is known to be accompanied by vain attempts and childbirth also has its differences during repeated delivery.Woman in labor already familiar with the mechanism and attempts will be more productive and more correct to push, and in the intervals between contractions easily restore breathing.Also plays a role and the physiological state of the side of the birth canal.The child is much easier to "go" on the road, beaten firstborn.Fabrics extensible crotch, reducing the risk of fractures and eliminates the need for episiotomy.All this can not affect the duration of the bearing-down period, and he also shortened to about five minutes.

Repeated birth after cesarean

In this situation there are two options: independent labor or repeated cesarean section.Today, the phrase loses its relevance as favorite obstetrician: "Once a cesarean - always a cesarean."At present, it is quite possible to solve the woman independent delivery to the following conditions: There are no indications for surgery, were in the last time, a wealthy scar on the uterus and the physical condition of the pregnant woman.So if, for example, was malposition (breech or transverse) during a previous pregnancy, it does not indicate that during pregnancy the situation is repeated again and again need a cesarean section.So why would a woman for the second time not to try to give birth vaginally?

Causes of complications during childbirth Second

  • maternal age;

woman over time, not getting younger and that indisputable truth.Of course, in 20 years, bear and give birth to a healthy baby is much easier than 35. With age, a woman's body accumulates various toxins (industrial hazard, smoking), and she appeared chronic diseases that can not affect the pregnancy and natural childbirth.The eggs get older, it may cause birth abnormalities or fetal deformity.

  • Chronic diseases;

Chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus - threatening and incurable disease Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease , heart disease, hypertension and others can weight the second delivery that requires additional monitoring during pregnancy and birth in a specialized hospital.

  • abortions and miscarriages in between births;

known that the scraping Scraping - heavy and unsafe procedure Scraping - heavy and unsafe procedure uterus can not pass without consequences.Abortion and miscarriage may lead to low placentation or placenta previa, which will affect the re-birth.In addition, the delivery of such women can break the contractile ability of the uterus and lead to anomalies of labor forces, or to bleeding.

  • Postponed inflammatory diseases of the genital or uterine fibroids.

Inflammatory diseases also leave their mark and influence the re-birth as well as deferred abortions.With uterine cancer Uterine fibroids - when surgery is needed? Uterine fibroids - when surgery is needed? woman can "give" bleeding during childbirth or uterine inertia forces and so on.

Anna Sozinova