Late delivery: Pros and Cons

late childbirth At what age to give birth, each woman decides herself.Someone wants to "otmuchilsya" in 20 years, and someone puts births indefinitely, citing the work, employment or lack of money.In recent years a growing trend to late delivery, the fashion came to us from the West.Once, on the TV show with the plot of sixty-five woman to become a mother.According to statistics, about 20% of all children are the result of recent childbirth.So for better or worse?What are the advantages and disadvantages of late delivery?

late delivery

late childbirth - these are the families that came from a woman the first time after 35 years.In Russia today the "old nulliparous," or, more gentle expression, "age nulliparous" considered women of dvadtsativosmiletiya.In obstetrics, this threshold constantly moves, first it was 20, then 24 ...

Reasons late delivery

several reasons for late delivery, and not one of them is ill-founded:

  • desire to make a career;
  • desire to have a second child after a successful career;
  • first victim, an adult child;
  • remarriage;
  • desire to have a baby when the children have grown up and "flew".

Benefits late delivery

  • desire to make a career

woman who puts on the first place career, the desire to achieve wealth - this woman is thinking about her future child.After all, in order to give birth to the baby, raise and educate him, I need the money.These women want to provide their child financially, to give him more time to work without interruption, respectively, and to love him will be stronger as the time to engage with the child will be more.

  • Pregnancy scheduled

late pregnancy - it is usually desired and planned pregnancy.It is better to have a desired child in 40 years than in the 20 to make several abortions.Age nulliparous more closely suited to the process of gestation, preparing to leave, actively attend "School of mothers".They listened carefully to the advice of the doctor, more actively pass additional tests.

  • in child Raising a child: who will win? Raising a child: who will win? involved both parents

Husbands with age closer to family, work them goes by the wayside.These dads are also actively involved in the upbringing of the child, as the mother.In addition, the age of men comes respect for women, who managed to realize themselves first, and then give birth.These family relationships are valuable and important.

  • comes the second young woman

known that during pregnancy the hormonal changes women increases estrogen levels, resulting in the expectant mother and younger good.Also, psychologically all this fuss with diapers, breastfeeding, diapers rejuvenates a woman.It is much nicer to be in 40 years, the status of young mothers than the status of the grandmother.

  • later the menopause, menopause easier to bear.

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Disadvantages late delivery

  • After 35 years there is absolutely healthy women

with age added more chronic diseases, or heavier ex.During the examination, women over 35, be sure to identify a couple of chronic diseases, even in the absence of complaints from her.

  • Substandard egg

If male sperm are updated each month, the number of female eggs laid since birth.The older the woman, the greater the hazards she experienced during life.All this has a negative impact on the egg and the risk of having a baby with Down syndrome or malformations.

  • Complications during pregnancy and childbirth

Late pregnancy and late childbirth occur in women after age 35 are more likely than younger patients.During pregnancy and labor increases the risk of preeclampsia, fetal hypoxia fetal hypoxia - the consequences of lack of oxygen in the body Fetal Hypoxia - the consequences of lack of oxygen in the body , prenatal outpouring of water, perenashivanie or premature birth, uterine inertia.

  • increasing number of indications for cesarean section

Childbirth such women often protracted proceeding with complications, decreased elasticity of the birth canal and joint mobility, which all leads to more frequent transactions than the young.

  • Most infections occur in the postpartum bleeding.
  • increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy.

age women often suffered from inflammatory diseases of the female genital organs, and it is the main factor for ectopic pregnancy.

But, no matter what age a woman is not decided to give birth, it must be remembered that this is her choice and she deserves respect.The main thing that this choice was voluntary.

Anna Sozinova