Types of labor: how best to give birth?

types of birth possible not only to give birth in a health institution in the traditional way.Some give birth at home in the water, and all the other hypnosis Hypnosis - the ability godsend Hypnosis - ability, sent from above , while others prefer the old fashioned way to do it in my bed in the presence of a midwife.What are the advantages and disadvantages of different types of labor?And some choose to give birth to her baby?

Childbirth hypnosis

with preparation or without hypnosis can greatly facilitate the process of delivery.Hypnosis helps to ensure that a woman does not focus on the pain, fully experiencing the arrival into the world of her child.During such births female voice midwives that offers visual focus on happy images that soothe it.Thus a woman forget about the pain and focus on positive feelings.

Are there any contraindications for childbirth under hypnosis?Any special instructions to this type does not exist, but we must bear in mind that there are people more or less susceptible to hypnosis.

Advantages: some mothers manage to successfully overcome the pain and experience a truly happy childbirth.

Disadvantages: Few midwives know the technique of such delivery.

Childbirth standing

In order to have a baby, not necessarily to take lying down, because there are several suitable positions.Traditional births are in a position reclining with her legs spread, but it is not always comfortable for the woman.Professor of yoga and the doctor Bernadette de Gasquet a position described as the worst for the child, because it is not too convenient for women.It proposes to move to the side or to stand on all fours.

advantage of this situation is the activity on the part of the woman and her husband, who assumed as a member of childbirth.Minus - medical staff, as a rule, does not accept this position because it is very little to promote the child's birth canal.

home birth

This method is very popular because of the fact that it is more natural, because the woman is comfortable for her entourage, and not in a hospital ward.With it, there might be a midwife and her husband that promotes relaxation and reduce fear.

If a woman has no contraindications, ie, no health problems that might complicate the delivery, then you can give birth at home.

advantages of home birth is precisely the situation that a woman becomes less stressful.Doubtless such births minus - is a risk that the process can go unexpectedly and may need help a team of specialists.Keep in mind that the families of the house should in any case be carried out in the presence of skilled health workers.

Childbirth in water

Childbirth in water have a lot of supporters and opponents, are the subject of heated debate and research.Different countries have different attitudes to this, but, for example, in France there is the aqua center, where you can bear in specially equipped conditions in the presence of medical personnel, who are trained to take delivery is in the water.

Genera water may pass in the event that no pregnancy abnormalities.Their advantage is that the woman in the water feels more relaxed.Minus - too few maternity homes and centers around the world equipped for such delivery.

Births attended

Dole Dole - a woman who is present at birth, but it is not a midwife, and she does not have a medical background.Dole provides more support for maternity and psychological assistance Psychological help: to understand their own rubble ... Psychological help: to understand their own rubble ... , adjusting it to give birth.It is present next to the woman with the onset of labor, accompanies her on the way to the hospital, answers all the questions of medical staff, allowing the woman to step back from this and fully customized for delivery.

woman should fully trust her, and Dole, in turn, should know thoroughly the history of pregnancy, should be aware of all the details of the state of women in labor.Deliveries to Dole - this important event, and look for a suitable person must be at the beginning of pregnancy.