Forerunners of birth - what you need to remember

Forerunners of birth upcoming birth always scared of women, especially if they are the first.And as is usually the unknown frightens, in order to add strength and self-confidence, you need to know more about what you expect.In antenatal clinics has always held training courses for childbirth - this is not a formality, but a vital necessity: prepared becomes the first woman physician assistant in childbirth.At the end of pregnancy is a kind of restructuring functions (and partly the structure) of organs and systems of women associated with the formation of the body's biological readiness to leave that ensures timely and correct approach during childbirth.

important role in preparing the body for childbirth belongs to the female sex hormone estrogen, which give rise to the formation of the contractile protein actomyosin, softening of the cervix, increase the sensitivity of the muscles of the uterus to action of biologically active substances (oxytocin, acetylcholine, serotonin, and others.).Two weeks before a change in the ratio of delivery of certain types of estrogens: estriol concentration increases estrola and estradiol estradiol, a crucial hormone Estradiol, the most important hormone - reduced.

concentration of another female sex hormone - progesterone Progesterone - norm and pathology Progesterone - norm and pathology , which was very high throughout the pregnancy (progesterone inhibited the contractile movement of the muscles of the uterus) for the week before the birth falls, resulting in increased sensitivity to the muscles of the uterusoxytocin - the base material, increases their contractile activity.

growing blood levels of aldosterone, which stimulates the formation of estrogen.Under the action of aldosterone increases blood volume.Ready to leave the body is supported by an active synthesis of adrenal hormones: produced in the adrenal cortex corticosteroids (they reduce tissue swelling and pain), and in the medulla - epinephrine and norepinephrine - hormones stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? , which prepare a woman to stress during childbirth.It increases blood concentration of prostaglandins, which are the main stimulants onset of labor.

What signs indicate that soon generations

Delayed symptoms occur in about two weeks before delivery, sometimesearlier.First of all, "the omission of the stomach" by insertion of the fetal head at the entrance of the pelvic floor and abnormalities of the uterus (fundus is at the top), anteriorly due to the decrease in muscle tone of the stomach.The woman then becomes easier to breathe, but more difficult to walk and sit, there are pains in the lower back.Due to the fact that the increasing pressure on the bladder may experience a frequent urge to urinate.Under the influence of hormones quickens and becomes more liquid stools.

Another sign of approaching childbirth sign of approaching childbirth - obvious urgency Signs of approaching childbirth - obvious urgency - the emergence of increased excitability, or, on the contrary, complete indifference (apathy), "tides" to the head.This is due to changes of the central and autonomic (innervating blood vessels and internal organs) of the nervous system, and there is a few days before giving birth.

pregnant body weight for 2-3 days before delivery falls to 1-2 kg - this is one of the stages of preparation of the body's natural for childbirth, during which a woman eats little (reduced appetite).

increases the excitability of the muscles of the uterus, which can manifest itself in the form of false contractions.False contractions are different from the true fact that they are irregular and painful.The motor activity of the fetus, by contrast, is reduced due to the fact that it is becoming too small in the uterine cavity.

from the genital tract of women in the days before birth leaves a thick sticky mucus - mucus plug.This mucus - the contents of the cervix, which closes the entrance to the uterus, thereby preventing penetration to the infection.Discharge of mucus plug indicates that the cervix is ​​preparing for the disclosure of the birth canal and education.At the same time, the mucus plug can move ahead, for one to two weeks before the birth and is a variant of the norm.

What signs indicate that labor has begun and should be sent to the maternity hospital

First of all, the appearance of regular painful contractions.First bout is not accompanied by very severe pain, but gradually increases the intensity of their pain are very strong, unabated between contractions.The time between contractions is constantly decreasing, if in the beginning it was still about a quarter of an hour, just before birth - a few minutes.You should not really be afraid of fights, most often before birth is still a few hours (although there are also rapid delivery, which begin and proceed rapidly).

Second signs of labor - discharge of amniotic fluid.They can move away immediately, and can leak over time - everything is normal.Pain during this.Normally, amniotic fluid and transparent odorless.If the water moved (even if the fights yet), it is best to go to a maternity hospital and be under the supervision of a physician.

All signs approaching the onset of labor and need to know, not to be afraid and just call an ambulance to move to the maternity hospital.

Galina Romanenko