Contractions - When to go to the hospital?

go to the hospital when the contractions ending time period of pregnancy is suitable and you feel something akin to the fight.Feelings can be painful and not very regular and occasional, and you end up still do not understand - it's a false alarm, or it is time to go to the hospital.How to determine that the time has come to collect?

time has come?

first reason, which certainly speaks of the need as soon as possible to go to the maternity hospital - a discharge of water (amniotic fluid).It must be done within an hour, because then it will be difficult because labor begins.Usually after the water breaks, painful regular contractions begin.

If the bubble broke sharply, then time to go to the hospital, but it can not completely break, and crack and leak.Then you need to arm themselves with a towel, carefully watching how quickly follows amniotic fluid.If you see that abundantly wet towel, then it is an occasion to go to the hospital.

Contractions - a contraction of the muscle tissue of the uterus, which is ready to get rid of the fetus, that is, to leave.But be careful - the fight may be false, irregular, and if you go to the hospital too soon, you risk returning home.Contractions that really are the ones in which it is necessary to immediately go to the hospital, regular, painful.They are repeated every 5-10 minutes during the first two hours of birth and for the second hour.

warm bath to relax

Of course, before you go to the hospital, you can wait at homea few hours, if it is your first child and you have no experience.In order to facilitate a little painful contractions and define more precise time for the fees.First, take a warm bath and drink antispasmodic.If after this fight stopped or significantly reduced, is not the time to gather.If they only amplify - to delay any longer.

Another way to relax - breathing exercise.Sit back and breathe calmly, slowly and continuously inhaling and exhaling.

contractions may be accompanied by pain in the lower back back pain: the spine signals Low back pain: the spine signals .To help them, try to stretch forward while standing with his hands on his chair.If you relax and reduce pain fails, go to the hospital.

Do not forget that all women are individual characteristics of the organism and fight, as, indeed, and the pregnancy itself, everyone can proceed differently.You can not always strictly follow the general rules.If you are feeling very intense contractions, frequent and painful, do not waste time - call your doctor and go to the hospital.If something is troubling you, you do not know how to behave, not painful contractions, but frequent, do not wait until they become unbearably painful.Remember that for the mother and baby is always better to come to the hospital sooner than later.