Childbirth at home - take care of their security

Childbirth at home One of the most difficult, responsible and at the same time one of the most exciting moments in every woman's life is birth.Today, one can argue the pros and cons of modern obstetrical practice, but a clear opinion about the conditions in which, and how best to give birth, does not exist yet.The highest percentage of births are now performed in special maternity wards.However, a standardized approach to every woman in labor (ie without taking into account its anatomical features), too frequent (and sometimes totally unjustified) rodostimuliruyuschih the use of drugs or Caesarean section, as well as the frank lack of simple human warmth from the medical staff do maternity is not the most idealplace for such a momentous event as the birth of a child.

That is why in recent years, some women prefer to give birth at home, surrounded by those whom they want to see next to him.At the same time they receive the necessary psychological comfort for them.However, in this case, one can hardly speak about the subject of high sterility as the instruments used, and the environment.Another option is the so-called family-run maternity hospital, is nearly the same home where during childbirth is a woman near the relatives and friends of people, and the staff not only has all the necessary knowledge, but also takes into account, above all, the psychology and physiology of the pregnant woman, its needs and preferences, and anatomical features of its constitutional body that allows you to select the most suitable position and conditions for the flow of a normal delivery.In other words, it is "domesticated" hospital, a cross between a "normal" maternity home and a private flat.Unfortunately, such facilities are not yet widespread in the CIS countries, and the cost of their services for the average man in the street is quite high.Therefore, in a family-type hospitals can give birth only provided enough materially women.

If you have no such possibility, but you are determined to give birth at home, you must take care of it in advance.First of all, you can not do without an assistant.It is desirable that this man was not only well "grounded" in the field of midwifery knowledge, but also have relevant practice was a positive attitude and is confident in the success of the upcoming case.By the way, it would be great if your decision to give birth at home is fully supported by her husband.After all, his negative attitude can be passed on to you, that at the time of delivery completely useless.And if something goes wrong (knock on wood!), It is the rest of your life will accuse you of this decision (even if not in words, but only in the mind).

However, other than an assistant and support of her husband, you are in the process of preparation for childbirth at home, too, would require some effort.One of the most important components of the preparation we have already mentioned - it is a positive mental attitude.No need to think about the upcoming birth and torment yourself with doubts about whether everything will be fine and if anything happens to you or your child!If you are confident will result in a favorable, then everything will be fine!Create in your mind an image of the future child, and think that very soon you will see it.Well help acquire emotional stability of the reading of literature on training their own psyche, auditory training Auditory training - you start to think positively? Auditory training - you start to think positively? , Meditation Meditation - treats the body and the spirit Meditation - treats the body and the spirit , yoga and others. In addition to mental exercise, we can not forget about his physical shape.After all, during childbirth reduced abdominal muscles, pelvis, back, buttocks, perineum, not to mention the smooth muscle of the uterus, so the strength of these muscles is very important for normal births.Currently, there is a huge amount of exercise especially for pregnant women, the main thing in their implementation - do not overdo it.Do not engage until exhaustion, better to break the complex into several pieces and work it for two - three days.In the future, the strengthening of the muscles, you can easily overpower all the exercises in one session.Do not forget to walk every day, preferably in the nature.

very helpful before making a final decision on home birth talk to an experienced obstetrician, to hear his opinion, listen to advice.After all, families of the house - this is a serious step, which may decide not every woman, and some such method is absolutely contraindicated.For example, the presence of concomitant diseases of the cardiovascular system, anatomically narrow pelvis and in some other cases.

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