Severe birth: as it happens

heavy labors All pregnant women are afraid of what they will be difficult birth, and they will not be able to cope suddenly die or baby mother herself.In fact, it is very difficult birth are rare, and doctors are trying to predict complications during caesarean section.Every obstetrician is in the memory of a particularly difficult birth that he had ever taken, and about which not very much and want to remember.

term "difficult birth»

Heavy births are called births that occur with complications, and on the severity of these complications depends on the severity.This may be bleeding, foot previa, fetal asphyxia, use of forceps and other.And there are equally difficult birth as in nulliparous and multiparous.According to the rules, I have to take a difficult birth itself obstetrician and midwife just helps.It is known that birth include three periods and complications can occur at any stage of labor.But the most difficult birth, perhaps, are those complications which occurred during the second period (the period of the expulsion of the fetus).It was during this period to carry out a caesarean section no longer makes sense (and no time), as a danger to the child's life is maximized.Most often in the second period it is difficult to predict the behavior of the mother, and how to influence it.

first example - Foot previa

known that foot presentation - one of the worst choices previa.This is due to the fact that considerably fewer legs the baby's head, namely the head of the fetus during labor passes through the birth canal, widening them and allowing problem-free birth of the entire body of the child.Therefore, at this time, foot previa is mandatory indications for cesarean section.But you can not always have time to do the surgery.

enters a woman in labor to the hospital for 45 years.From history: third births, the interval between the previous and present birth more than 20 years, a host of related extragenital diseases associated with age and, most importantly, gestational age 34 weeks.On examination: uterine mouth opening fully (10 centimeters), the fetal bladder is absent (which, of course, is bad, because the legs have nothing to hold), and finally, foot previa.What to do in such a situation, the doctor?Bathe, change clothes and to get to the generic table, holding back (if possible) legs had to be born at least pelvic end (buttocks).But, man, in this case - a doctor, proposes and God disposes.Therefore, in this example, the legs had fallen out, and delivery stalled.Of course, there is a maternity reception Maurice-Levre LaChapelle, when the child must be put on top of the hand, finger stick it in her mouth, bending the head, and in a position to pull it.But all this is just only in a book in the picture.In fact, the case could drag on and it is not known how the child will die.In this case this point took about ten minutes.By all rights, the child has to die, it is necessary to get at least the dead, otherwise plodorazrushayuschey operation can not be avoided.After the birth of a child and she looked like a dead ... But, thanks to the efforts of its resuscitation and prematurity - the baby survived.End of story turned out to be safe.Although hypoxia-tested in live births and the child does not lag behind in the physical and mental development.

Second example - Foot previa

The woman in labor enters the emergency room complaining of attempts.A woman, if I may say so, only 18 years old, the first birth, 32 weeks of gestational age, registered on the pregnancy was, ultrasound does not pass, the analyzes do not give up.On examination, it turns out that the child is not one (double), complete opening of the uterine mouth and foot operated the first presentation of the fetus.A woman makes an effort in full, it is placed at the family table, and an obstetrician is preparing for the worst (the first birth, the birth canal is not ready, a double, plus Foot previa).The behavior of mothers during attempts inadequate: it is trying to run away from the table, closes hands crotch, waving his legs and hit a doctor in the stomach ... The case itself is heavy, but there is also a riot of mothers, which in every way hinder the already difficult childbirth.After (finally) the birth of the first child, which is in asphyxia, it is found that the second is in the scabbard presentation.Bearing-down period lasted an average of thirty minutes, during which time affected not only newborns, but also the doctor.In this case, the end is also favorable - children revived, and later they made up for their weight (premature birth), and did not experience mental retardation.

Anna Sozinova