Natural childbirth - when the intervention of a doctor is not required

  • Natural childbirth - when the intervention of a doctor is not required
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natural childbirth If you want, as much as possible to retain control of his body during childbirth,and to minimize outside interference, you are best suited natural childbirth.If you decide to go this route, you have to take the pain and discomfort, as an integral part of the delivery - the experience, which includes a conscious living of each stage of the process.

Benefits of natural childbirth

Most of the techniques used during natural childbirth are non-invasive, so the risk of harm or side effects for you or your child is minimal.

Many women say that during natural childbirth experience a strong sense of self-empowerment, and after - a deep sense of accomplishment.And despite the pain left over, many of them say that in the next pregnancy if possible also choose natural childbirth.Often it is the feeling of the importance of what is happening and their own responsibility to help ease the pain perception.

Moreover, during natural childbirth the woman is free to choose a comfortable position for the delivery;compared with women who do an epidural, reduced risk of needing additional measures to stimulate the birth.Breathing exercises, visualization and self-hypnosis technique will be useful not only during childbirth;they can be used in different situations, to achieve inner balance.


Unlike epidural anesthesia, natural methods of pain relief may not eliminate pain, so if you are not ready or do not want to experience pain during labor, you'd better consider using anesthesia.In addition, many of the techniques used in natural childbirth, are ineffective if labor is very long and / or if there are different complications requiring medical intervention.

How to prepare for natural childbirth

If you have opted for natural childbirth, you start actively preparing for it - make a plan for delivery, choose the hospital where you will give birth, and professionals who support yourchoosing, as well as gather information about how the natural childbirth.

Some women choose home birth - in this case also requires regular consultation with a specialist and very careful preparation.

In addition, planning natural childbirth, it is important to remember that, no matter how well prepared you are not, there is always the chance that something will go wrong, as you'd expect.It may be that the pain is much stronger than you thought, there is also the likelihood of prolonged labor and complications.Therefore, a plan of their ideal birth, think that may have to retreat from it;but that the main task - to give birth to a healthy baby.

Breathing exercises and visualization

Typically, these techniques are taught in the courses of preparation for natural childbirth.Under visualization usually understand as much as possible bright and realistic view of what calms you - for example, the place where you are very comfortable or safe birth of the baby.

If you have ever engaged in or do yoga, martial arts, meditation or Meditation - treats the body and the spirit Meditation - treats the body and the spirit , you have learned to breathe as recommended breathing during natural childbirth.Everyone else will have to master the technique of deep, calming breath, which helps change the perception of pain.


presence of a partner or other loved one - almost an integral part of natural childbirth.However, no less important, and professional support.Instructor childbirth, midwife or doctor, who understand the essence of natural childbirth, can support, thanks to which, according to many experts, reduces the duration of labor and reducing the risk of various complications.


Some experts suggest that hypnosis may significantly reduce pain and increase the likelihood of vaginal delivery.Begins to learn self-hypnosis should have a few months before the birth.

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