What to take to the hospital - the recommendations of expectant mothers

What to take to the hospital to a new life is to prepare in advance.As is known, the mother-birth process can catch at unexpected times and in unexpected places.Things to mother and baby, which can be useful in the hospital to collect another 2-3 weeks before the projected date of close.Otherwise, you will need to ask family members to do that, of course, may confuse and do not find, in general, it is better to make the most of the expectant mother.

Things to take with you to the hospital can be divided into those that need the mother, and those that are necessary to the kid.

For mom:

most important thing you need to remember, and even more, always carry on the ninth month - documents:

  • insurance policy;
  • exchange card with the results of the necessary tests;
  • passport;
  • direction;
  • phone to be always in touch with their families.

If delivery fee, be sure to take the contract.

stage of labor will need to:

  • watch with a stopwatch to measure the duration and frequency of contractions;
  • drink (mineral water without gas or herbal tea for delivery);
  • wipes;
  • slippers (washable).

After childbirth useful:

  • sanitary napkins feminine pads - talk about wings Feminine pads - talk about wings high absorbency;
  • gown, home suit, nightgown, pajamas;
  • two nursing bra (preferably with a zip front);
  • cowards;
  • socks (warm but not woolen);
  • handkerchiefs;
  • toiletries: soap, shampoo, toilet paper, toothpaste Toothpastes - how to choose? Toothpastes - how to choose? , brush, cream (hypoallergenic, fragrance free), and other necessary cosmetics.

can take along some entertainment, such as player, crossword puzzles, knitting.In addition, make sure to have a desire to write about the early days of baby's life, his experiences, so a notebook, notebook with a pen also will not be superfluous.

And of course, things for the baby:

  • diapers (must be taken in small quantities, because you should check how the child will react to them);
  • 2-3 sweaters, vests, tank tops (all cotton);
  • 2-3 blouses with long sleeves;
  • 2-3 pairs of sliders;
  • socks, booties;
  • antitsarapatelnye socks and mittens;
  • pair of thin and warm (flannel) bonnets;
  • clothes for a discharge must comply with the season.

All clothing for the baby to be laundered and ironed beforehand very carefully in order to avoid allergic reactions and irritation.

Any questions, controversial, they relate to the need for maternity pacifier and the need to finish feeding and dopaivat baby bottle.

course, just in case we can take the pacifier, making sure that it is designed specifically for children from birth to three months.But some argue that the use of pacifiers at this early period can help to ensure that the child is getting used to it, will not be good to take the breast during feeding.

Many young mothers maternity hospitals urgently recommend additional feeding baby bottle.At this point it should be taken as soon as possible more seriously and responsibly.Firstly, if the baby formula to feed an additional dopaivat boiled water or glucose solution Glucose: The energy source Glucose: The energy source , there is a risk of dysbiosis, digestive disorders and a fledgling of infection in the body.Secondly, as in the case of pacifier sucking bottles contributes to the formation of wrong habit of sucking.After all, with a pacifier mainly involved only muscles of the cheeks and sucking chest muscles need to work language.

products to the hospital

If the rules allow the hospital to bring their own food, you can ask to bring:

  • mineral water without gas;
  • fruit (green apples, bananas);
  • dried fruits (prunes, raisins, but in any case no apricots);
  • boiled meat (nursing mothers should not be eggs and poultry)
  • black tea.

recommended breastfeeding Breastfeeding: Breast - and no nails! Breast-feeding: feed - and no nails! not eat sugar, and salt.


When it's long-awaited moment of the extract, in the vanity is important not to forget the important things:

  • pick card exchange;
  • pick list with the description of the state of health of the child (please specify what kind of business procedures, vaccinations, with the introduction of some medications);
  • inform the children's clinic of the birth of the child, and to invite visiting nurse.