Cord entanglement - not as scary as it sounds

cord entanglement How often during pregnancy, expectant mothers feel anxious, anxiety and fear about her baby and possible complications during childbirth.One such "horror" is the umbilical cord entanglement.Hearing after the procedure ultrasound conclusion: "cord entanglement", pregnant women begin to prepare for Caesarean section, doctors are not listening, scared and only exacerbate their concerns.While entwining itself does not carry 100% of danger and meets approximately every fifth child born.

What is the umbilical cord?

umbilical cord - this is the "thread", which provides the link between mother and child.In itself it is strand length of 45-60 centimeters, which includes the three blood vessels, of which two arteries, and the third - Vienna.Mounted on one end of the cord to the placenta, and the other to the fetal umbilical ring.Fully sformirovyvaetsya umbilical cord to 12-14 weeks of pregnancy, and then only growing.The umbilical cord plays a huge role in the life of the unborn child through the umbilical cord vein because it receives all the oxygen and nutrients, and waste products are derived through the arteries.

What is cord entanglement?

cord entanglement can be around the neck and / or limbs of the fetus.There are also the multiplicity of entanglement: single, double or multiple.If the cord entanglement occurred around something one example, the handle of the fetus, then talk about an isolated entwining.If the entanglement has occurred several places (neck and extremities) - a combination entanglement.Celebrating just as strongly expressed entanglement, that is, tight or loosely.The most common single, loosely isolated entanglement around the neck of the fetus.

predisposing factors

causes of cord entanglement, have not yet been established.But identified predisposing factors of this phenomenon.It is believed that entwined promotes motor activity of the fetus.It may be associated with fetal hypoxia (oxygen deprivation) baby, mum stress reactions (adrenaline in the blood), oligohydramnios or polyhydramnios (little child or vice versa plenty of room for movement) and a long cord (65 centimeters).


course, suspicion of cord entanglement may indicate existence of fetal hypoxia.This is clearly seen in the cardiotocography (CTG), which investigated the fetal heart rate and physical activity.Then, a fetal ultrasound, which revealed the presence of loops of umbilical cord around the neck of the fetus.To confirm the diagnosis of cord entanglement is further assigned a color Doppler.But of cord entanglement is to say only after 37 weeks of pregnancy.It is known that entanglement may occur as well, and the "unwound".

Possible complications in childbirth with cord entanglement

most important and serious complication in childbirth with cord entanglement - is intrauterine fetal hypoxia fetal hypoxia - the consequences of lack of oxygen in the body Fetal Hypoxia - the consequences of lack of oxygen in the body .Especially, it can manifest itself in the second period, during attempts, when the child, trying to pass through the birth canal, stretches shortened due to cord entanglement, thereby squeezing the loop it around his neck.Also, in the process of birth, due to the tension of the umbilical cord, it may cause premature detachment of the placenta (placenta during childbirth and leaves only some time after the birth of the fetus).In addition, short umbilical cord may interfere with the proper insertion of the head (it is normal flexion) and lead to the extensor.

Keeping births cord entanglement

misconception that all pregnant women with cord entanglement undergo cesarean section.It all depends on the nature of entanglement, the state of the baby during labor and delivery of the period.Competent doctors and midwives are usually no problems coping with this phenomenon.It is important to listen to the baby's heartbeat during labor every half hour, and in the second stage of labor after each attempts.If there are signs of fetal hypoxia and its build-up in the first period, certainly delivery will be completed by cesarean section.During the attempts doctor will try to accelerate the process of expulsion of the fetus episiotomy (incision of the perineum), as midwife at the birth of the head prohibit push and quickly release the neck of the baby from the umbilical cord loops.


Of course, you need to avoid the factors that lead to oxygen starvation of baby.First, quit smoking How to quit smoking: tips for women How to Quit Smoking: Tips for Women .Secondly, as often as possible to be outdoors.Third, do breathing exercises.Of course, to try to protect themselves from stress and to implement the recommendations of the doctor.

Anna Sozinova