Anesthesia delivery - which way is right for you?

anesthesia delivery Childbirth - an extremely painful experience for most women.Although some women get off easy fright - they births are relatively quickly and relatively easily, for others this is a natural process turns into many hours of torture.Fortunately, unlike our grandparents, the forced without any aids conquer incredible pain, we can choose the preferred way for us to anesthesia, which completely eliminates any pain or reduce the painful relationship that allows a woman to enjoy a unique moment.

pool childbirth

stay in the water early childbirth can significantly reduce pain in some women, as in the aqueous medium is removed from the pressure of the waist.Some mothers prefer to stay in the water until the last stages of labor, and there are those who give the child lives in the water.

In recent years, the popularity of swimming pools for childbirth increased significantly due to the fashion for all natural - except that it is a natural method of pain relief, it is also the oldest way to the birth of a new life, because, as we know, life began in the water.

Percutaneous electroneurostimulation

Another method of drug-free pain relief in labor is a percutaneous electroneurostimulation (TENS), which has been used for many years.Device for TENS is a compact electronic device with electrodes that are connected to the lower back.As the electrodes passes very small electrical pulse that suppresses the pain signals, which significantly reduces discomfort mothers.Force electrical impulses can be increased during contractions, and then reduce to a normal level, when the pain subsides.The effectiveness of TENS highly individual - some women in labor, it makes little or no relief.Most clinics have their own TENS devices, but if you want such a device can be purchased for home use in stores medical equipment.

nitrous oxide ("laughing gas»)

This gas is also known as entonoks.It is a mixture of nitric oxide and oxygen, which, if necessary, new mother inhales through the tube.This is a very popular and friendly method of anesthesia, which is enough for some women, especially in simple labor.The action of "laughing gas" is based on the fact that it distracts man from pain, but does not eliminate them.The main thing is that this method has no disadvantages of the two methods heavier analgesia described below.


Epidural anesthesia - is the introduction of the anesthetic directly into the lumbar region.This is a very effective method of pain relief in labor.The first injection carries a doctor and all subsequent (with a gradual increase of the dose) and the midwife can do.Epidurals early birth can prevent maternity move, so generic activities woman exercising in the supine position.However, new anesthetics allow maternity ward move.

Pethidine This is the strongest method of pain relief in labor, which is used in severe cases.It can effectively relieve pain for three or four hours.Unlike the epidural pethidine not be administered continuously, when the need arise.Typically, maternity do no more than two injections, which means that this method is not suitable for anesthesia prolonged delivery that lasts longer than 8 hours.Furthermore, pethidine can penetrate into the body of the child, whereby the baby starts to breathe with a delay.However, this problem can be easily solved by using the antidote.

Although the choice of anesthesia is usually left for giving birth, most doctors and midwives recommend starting with less invasive options, such as TENS and "laughing gas," and then, if necessary, proceed to the treatment of pain medication.