How to induce childbirth: is it worth it?

cause birth Childbirth - a natural process, nevertheless, sometimes it happens that for some reason, the birth process is slowed or stopped altogether.In this case, the child may suffer which receives insufficient oxygen and nutrients.So sometimes you need to encourage births.


How long flowing natural process of childbirth

used to be that normal delivery lasts no more than a day.Today, this period was reduced to 18 hours for the first birth and up to 12 hours for multiparous women.In practice birth rarely last more than 10 hours, since the longer labors, the more increases the risk of infection and connection of injury to the mother and fetus.

during childbirth occurs first disclosure of the birth canal (birth pangs) and then expulsion of the fetus (attempts).The longest process of disclosure of the birth canal.The degree of readiness of the birth canal to the expulsion of the fetus is judged by the disclosure of the cervix.She revealed a rate of about a centimeter per hour, the full disclosure - 10 cm. If the cervix dilates slowly, begins to suffer from bouts child.He suffers and if during childbirth stuck in the birth canal.So sometimes a situation arises when you want to encourage childbirth.


Why are delayed childbirth

If you went into labor suddenly slowed down or completely stopped, it is called uterine inertia and requires special assistance.The weakness of labor can be the primary or original when contractions occur sluggish from the start and their force is not growing, and secondary when to start normal labors suddenly subsides.

weakness of labor can be inherited, occur in obesity, diabetes mellitus - threatening and incurable disease Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease , inflammatory gynecologicaldiseases, in very young women in childbirth, or after the age of 40 years, polyhydramnios, multiple pregnancy, a large baby.


when additional efforts are required

order to induce childbirth, there are special measures for their stimulation is required in cases of primary and secondary weakness of labor.

induction of labor is contraindicated:

  • when the volume of the fetal head does not match the birth canal (pelvic size) women;
  • when showed signs of fetal hypoxia fetal hypoxia - the consequences of lack of oxygen in the body Fetal Hypoxia - the consequences of lack of oxygen in the body (oxygen starvation) - a testimony for caesarean section;
  • when there malposition (eg, cross);
  • if mothers previously cesarean section;
  • if mothers increased sharply blood pressure Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing? Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing? .


step guide

is no single drug that can induce labor, does not exist, to this end, an array of activities.They are held under the supervision of the state of the fetus.Call the generic activities possible by amniotomy (opening membranes), administration of drugs that stimulate contractility of the muscles of the uterus or causing dilatation of the cervix.

As a result, amniotomy (simple and painless procedure) depart amniotic fluid and increases the impact of the fetal head in the birth canal, which causes increased secretion of biologically active substances (prostaglandins) to encourage the disclosure of the cervix.

To stimulate uterine muscle contractions usually administered oxytocin, but the drug has no effect on the uterine cervix, thus independently at undisclosed cervix it is not used.For rapid cervical dilatation introduced drugs such as Nospanum Nospanum - it lowers the tone of smooth muscles No-spa - lowers the tone of smooth muscles - it relieves muscle spasm of the cervix.It will help to open up the cervix and the additional administration of prostaglandins, they are administered in the form of a gel or a candle, sometimes - intravenously.

duration of induction of labor should not be more than five hours, if all efforts do not achieve the result (generic activities must comply with at least one battle than five minutes), the caesarean section.

various medications administered as to remove or at least reduce oxygen deprivation (hypoxia) of the fetus.

prevention of the weakness of labor pays great attention to the women's clinic in the monitoring of the pregnant woman.To do this, try to identify and promptly treat all the diseases in women, to prevent excessive weight gain and obesity.Women describe in detail, how to eat at antenatal mothers of school always work in which women are engaged in physiotherapy, which is of great importance to the training of the musculoskeletal system to leave.

induction of labor - is quite complicated and dangerous process, so it is best to make sure that these methods are not useful.

Galina Romanenko