Home delivery - account all the risks

Home delivery In recent years, women have been increasingly giving birth at home.Those who have had such a positive experience, spoke of him with enthusiasm and encouraged all women to give birth to a "natural" way.Such enthusiasm usually does not happen after the birth in the maternity hospital.So maybe, well them, these hospital - hotbeds of infection, rudeness and lack of professionalism?

Childbirth as a source of danger

First of all, it is necessary to evaluate the real threat that may arise during childbirth, because only then can we properly assess the situation and make your choice.

  • danger of the first and most terrible - the bleeding.Bleeding can occur at any stage of labor, and if sufficiently large vessel bleeding, the woman without surgery can be lost in a few minutes.Predict the bleeding is very difficult.The situation may be complicated by DIC (dissiminiruyuschim intravenous blood clotting), which interferes with the activities of coagulation and anticoagulation systems of blood.
  • Danger second - embolism.Embolism - blockage of a blood vessel is the reason - the gap clot from a vein thrombophlebitis or amniotic fluid.Condition requires instant medical care.
  • third Danger - weak labor.He suffers from a child, as in the process of prolonged labor lacks oxygen, the consequences can be very sad, until the Cerebral Palsy.In such cases, the stimulation of labor.
  • Danger Four - entanglement umbilical cord fetal neck.During labor, the umbilical cord is pulled, which has a traumatic effect on the child.It requires immediate medical care, perhaps - operation.
  • Danger fifth - the gap of the cervix.If time does not sew, there may be bleeding and infection joining.

And that's not all the dangers that lie in wait for women during childbirth - there are many more.

Assessing birth at home

Births at home with the music, in the presence of her husband - that's great for the mental state of the mother and child.But let's see how this works in practice.

first point - who help in childbirth.Well, if it really is prepared by a professional.But the true professional is rarely decide to take a home birth, knowing how it would end, and having no legal basis for it.Therefore, there were the so-called "spiritual midwives", who do not bear for their actions any responsibility.Well, if such a "midwife" has a medical degree, but often it is not.So what will he do with complications?

second point - and whatever they have in the West?In Europe and the US practice of home births, they are legally legalized, take them only by specialists who are responsible for what they do.In most cases, delivery takes an experienced midwife who will notice complications and time hospitalizes woman.However, the risk is great, as a midwife (and obstetrician-gynecologist) will not be able to provide certain types of care at home at the time.

third point - a home birth tub.This is really dangerous, because very few people know that the water can only be during labor and birth (and even then it can swallow water from the bath).The last period of birth - the birth of the placenta is not compatible with being in the water, as in this period, the lining of the uterus remain gaping blood vessels through which the mother's body can get infected from a bath.In addition, it is possible imperceptible bleeding that often accompanies the birth of the placenta.

weigh the "pros" and "against»

task of a pregnant woman and her family very carefully examine all the possible consequences of childbirth and to make the correct decision adequate.

Yes, in our maternity hospitals often runs rough rude staff, there is not always ideal conditions.However, there is one distinct advantage: the presence of a professional who is legally responsible for the lives of women and children.Of course, you can cause a lot of bitter examples when professionals do not do their job.But there are others who can help, and help, just when everything ends well, then this is quickly forgotten.

home birth have their positive sides, but in our country they are not "decorated" the relevant laws, so they are predominantly non-professionals and is often the most tragic consequences.If you do decide to give birth at home with the help of "spiritual midwife" that search the Internet not only enthusiastic, but the negative feedback and appreciated them.

Galina Romanenko