Recovery after childbirth - mission

Recovery after childbirth Childbirth - it's always physical and mental shock to the woman.The body "laid out" in full and therefore requires recovery.Of course, the most important thing for a woman after rodov- this family climate.But the recovery will be faster and better, if the woman will give yourself a little bit of attention and try to implement the recommendations of doctors.

condition of the body after birth

After birth, a woman's body gradually begins to recover its original shape.It's not as simple as the changes have affected almost all organs and systems.

In late pregnancy, a woman's body is up to 5 liters of extracellular fluid, which contributed to the loosening of the tissues of the birth canal, and the promotion of the fetus.All this causes extra strain on the heart and swelling.Internal organs, raised and clenched enlarged uterus should "get over it" deal, take the normal position and restore its function.

Hormonal pregnant women was largely due to the activities of the placenta after it lowered its removal, actively continues to produce only hormones that provide the milk.

uterus after childbirth stretched and enlarged to the extent of her depart postnatal discharge - lochia.The bones and ligaments of the pelvis during childbirth parted and stretched.During birth there mucosal damage the birth canal, and sometimes muscles of the perineum.

for a full recovery of all the functions required for about two months, but it depends on the initial state of the body and how flowed pregnancy and childbirth.

first three days after birth

This period usually takes place in the hospital, this time better just to lie, as the uterus begins to contract, and internal organs to crack down and fall into place.To the uterus contracts more quickly during the first day on the belly put cold water bottle, then reducing the uterus promotes frequent nursing baby to the breast.Of particular importance in this period becomes respect for the rules of hygiene (cleaning the processing of wounds, etc.) - is prevention of obstetric complications.

From the 4th to the 14th day

woman starts to get up and move more slowly.Breast skin begins to adapt to the process of sucking.During this period, you need to teach a child the right to take the breast (to capture not only the nipple but also the surrounding areola, or nipple to appear painful abrasions), and it is better not to wear a bra.It is recommended to regularly take medications that reduce the uterus, as well as, sometimes, sedatives, because after all migrated due to lower stress hormone activity in women can begin depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood Depression - a little more than a bad mood (depressed mood).

from two weeks to two months

active women gradually increases, the kid does not give her to relax, care for them requires time.By the end of this period usually restores functions of the whole organism.During this period, you can not even exercise myths about exercise: do not believe Myths about exercise: do not believe , and supercool, it can lead to the development of inflammation in the injured tissues even the birth canal.The baby is fed "on demand" and it contributes to the rapid recovery of hormonal levels.

After two months

After two months we can think about the restoration of the figure.First of all, think about your diet.Women after childbirth, even if she did not feed the baby food restrictions are contraindicated, so it is easy to eliminate what may contribute to further deposition of fat - fried, fatty, sweet, flour.For the child, by the way, these products are also not helpful.Such restrictions to the food can and must comply with a long time.

women are also concerned about the status of the breast.In order to not stretch the chest, after two weeks you need to wear thick cotton bra with wide straps that fits the shape of the breast forms breast : the main thing - the immutability Forms of Breast importantly - immutability .To breast gradually took normal form, lactating women should as far as possible to keep your back straight and do physical exercises to strengthen the muscles of the chest (in the breast muscle itself is not).You can do push-ups on the floor, using expanders, dumbbells and so on.The main thing you need to do exercises regularly.

Increased stomach bothers most women.But that's OK, two months after giving birth they can be addressed.And he himself gradually becomes less under the influence of hormones.

Exercises for Belly

set of exercises:

  • lying on his back, lock the feet, for example, under the couch, put his hands behind his head;move from a prone position to a position tilt forward (ten times);
  • lying on his back, hands behind his head on the floor, legs raised (to 30º) and retained in that position for as long as enough forces, and then slowly fall (ten times);
  • lying on his back, hands behind his head on the floor, legs write great figures or letters;
  • sitting cross-legged put his hands behind his head and his whole body to rotate in different directions (ten times in each direction).

But the most important thing after birth - a regular long walks with the child in the fresh air - they activate the metabolism improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting , reduced immunity, and all body functions.

Galina Romanenko