Induction of labor - when the body refuses to work

Childbirth - one of the most important moments in the life of a woman Childbirth - one of the most important moments in the life of a woman.Some women prefer to trust completely in the doctor's questions, and others, on the contrary, want to know how and what they will do.Probably, and they are right, and others, because it all depends on the character.That less, it is better to know exactly which method of management of labor you have to offer.

normal duration of labor

The ancient noticed that the more long-term births occur, the less chance of having a healthy baby.Then it has been identified and normal delivery dates - no more than a day since the start of contractions.In our time, the normal duration of labor is considered to be 18 hours for nulliparous and 12 multiparous hours.In practice, normal deliveries are continuing up to 10 hours - longer contributes to the birth trauma and infection for both mother and child.

Why are protracted birth

happens that fight, which began to become scarce and unproductive, then talk about the weakness of labor.This condition may occur at different metabolic and endocrine disorders (obesity, thyroid disease Thyroid disease - women at risk Thyroid disease - women at risk , diabetes), inflammatory diseases of the female genital organs, very early or, alternatively, later age womenhyperextension of the muscles in the uterus because of the largest fruit or polyhydramnios, twins, etc.Sometimes also a genetic predisposition to the weakness of labor.

With the weakness of labor is reduced allocation of oxytocin (a hormone that stimulates contractions of the uterus).

In some cases, a rodostimulyatsiya

weakness of labor may be primary (rare weak contractions from the start) and the secondary(normal first contractions weaken during childbirth).

Rodostimulyatsiya requires:

  • during childbirth if there was a weakness, and the weak labor contractions do not allow the cervix to open up to 2-3 cm after six hours in nulliparous and three hours in multiparous (primary weakness of labor);
  • if during the first normal childbirth contractions become weak and irregular, the cervix does not open for a long time (secondary uterine inertia).
  • if moved during delivery of water, and regular contractions are not in a few hours;
  • if the uterus is too stretched due to polyhydramnios, large baby or twins;
  • if a woman is tired and completely exhausted from the fights.

Contraindications rodostimulyatsii

Rodostimulyatsiya not be held if:

  • size of the fetal head does not match the size of the pelvis mothers;
  • on Pulse signs of fetal hypoxia fetal hypoxia - the consequences of lack of oxygen in the body Fetal Hypoxia - the consequences of lack of oxygen in the body (lack of oxygen);
  • fruit properly positioned in the cavity of the uterus;
  • mother has a scar on the uterus after cesarean section;
  • if the mother has high blood pressure Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing? Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing? .

How to restore normal delivery activities

Unless water broke, the doctor opens the bag of waters (amniotomy) - it speeds up the fight.The cervical canal introduced a special gel that prepares the cervix for childbirth, shorten it, and soften.This happens due to the substances contained in the gel - prostaglandins.

restore normal operation by using generic drugs (oxytocin polusentitichesky devoid of side effects, and more modern drugs - enzaprost, sorry).Oxytocin stimulates contraction of muscle fibers, but does not affect the state of the cervix, so enhances pain.In order to relax the cervix and relieve pain, antispasmodics are introduced (eg, no-silos).

Despite the fact that midwives now have quality medicines to induce labor, such a drug that would reproduce the natural contractions desired strength and duration not.Therefore rodostimulyatsiya - this, of course, the risk to the child, but it is still not as traumatic for him than the process of prolonged labor.

Rodostimulyatsiya performed with anesthesia and controlled by the state of the fetus (there is a special device - a heart monitor).In order to prevent deficiency of oxygen entering into the brain child (fetal hypoxia), various medications administered.Stimulant drugs are administered intravenously, picking each woman individually (minimum) dose and the speed of the input.Doctors are trying to achieve the result, in which there is a struggle in 3-5 minutes, no more.Prolonged administration of such drugs should not exceed 4-5 hours.If rodostimulyatsiya fails during this time, it is stopped and caesarean section.

Prevention weakness of labor

For the prevention of the weakness of labor should promptly eliminate all diseases that could cause it.Therefore, before conception or early in pregnancy is obligatory medical consultation.At the same time it is better to lose weight and lead a more sedentary life.By the weakness of labor can also lead eating disorders, sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams and rest of the pregnant woman.

Galina Romanenko