Recovery after birth - exercise is not recommended

recovery after childbirth woman's body requires a recovery after such a severe and prolonged "work" such as pregnancy and childbirth.Recovery requires both physical and mental state of women because childbirth - a stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? , who forced a woman to spend all of their energy reserves.Some women such recovery is easy, while others have to make some effort to it.

What happens to a woman's body after giving birth

Childbirth completed pregnancy during which the mother worked in emergency mode, providing vital processes of the mother and child.This affects primarily on the work of the heart, because it during pregnancy had twice the amount of blood pumped.This process is often accompanied by a stagnation of the blood to form an edema.Swelling of tissues occurred under the influence of female hormones that prepare the body for childbirth: the emergence of a large number of interstitial fluid facilitated loosening tissues of the birth canal, their rapid detection and smooth promotion of the fruit on them.Thus, by the end of pregnancy in the mother it accumulates in the form of edema a few liters of liquid.

But excess weight after giving birth - is not only a liquid, but also fat.The organism is actively putting off the fat, especially in the abdomen and thigh, in order to protect the child from injury.Some women who did not adhere to the recommendations of obstetrician-gynecologist Nutrition, very put on weight, which causes extra strain on the heart and worsens the problem.

not immediately restored hormonal woman, who at the end of pregnancy, the placenta is fully guaranteed.Therefore, after removing it always low, which reduces the metabolic processes in the body and causes a variety of mental disorders.

during pregnancy to varying degrees affected almost all the internal organs, because the growing uterus compresses them, disrupting the blood supply.But first of all it requires the restoration of the uterus - after birth, she stretched and increased in volume, the inner mucosa of traumatized her, moving away from her postpartum discharge discharge in women when there is cause for concern Selections women when there is cause for concern - lochia.Traumatic childbirth in other segments of the birth canal: can be torn mucosa and cervical muscles, stretch the muscles and ligaments of the pelvis, bones apart.All this requires a gradual recovery, which lasts about two months.

Immediately after birth

first few days after birth a woman exhausted as to give birth she has spent all his energy.Sometimes generations accompanied by more or less pronounced bleeding, which increases the state of weakness and impotence.At this time, the woman should lie down, since in addition to its weakness will disturb and pain in the lower abdomen: the uterus is gradually reduced, and it is quite painful.Contractions of the uterus helps frequent nursing baby to the breast.

During this period, when the woman's birth canal open and bleed, it is important not to make them the infection - the consequences can be very sad.To prevent this from happening, the woman should regularly wash if the birth canal were somehow injured, the wound should be treated - that is why a woman should first few days after birth be in the maternity ward.

After discharge from the hospital

House woman often can not afford to complete immobility, because the child needs attention and care.This is a difficult period, as hormones are not yet recovered and continues to disturb a woman weakness.The uterus is also not yet fully recovered, and pain (not as strong as in the early days), continue to disturb.

tasks of this period - to help reduce the uterus (this woman should take medicines that help reduce it) and adjust the feeding of the child Breastfeeding - a personal choice Breastfeeding - a personal choice .Child feeding on demand (hungry cry), correctly putting the breast (the child must grasp the nipple with the areola).If the child gets used properly capture the nipple, it will be constantly hungry, and the mother's nipples are injured.

two weeks at increasing motor activity of women (the child does not give her relax) gradually restored the function of internal organs and hormones.But the tissue of the birth canal is not yet fully recovered, so the woman should carefully observe good personal hygiene and not supercool (prevention of inflammatory processes).Physical activity in the first two months after birth are contra - reducing excess weight is best left for later.But a balanced diet and it does not hurt the child: from the food should be excluded fatty meats, sweets, pastries, smoked, spicy and fried foods.

postpartum two months

Two months after childbirth can be gradually increased physical activity, doing gymnastics.In addition, two-child long enough can be outdoors and these trips have become a major tool for weight loss a mother, because their duration and intensity of the walk is easy to adjust.The deposition of fat in certain places (abdomen, thighs) can be reduced with the help of special exercises.

combination of increasing exercise and a balanced diet will help a woman gradually lose weight and regain their physical health.

to the chest has not lost its shape, women should wear a tight bra made of natural fabric with wide straps holding the chest in the correct position.

But the most important thing for a woman after childbirth - a psychological climate in the family, it must first take care of the child's father.

Galina Romanenko