Silicone breast: in the footsteps of Pamela

silicone breast Today breast augmentation surgery using silicone implants is considered quite safe and much simpler than, for example, breast reduction surgery Breast reduction: the opposite problem Breast reduction: the problem the other way around .But a few decades ago, silicone breast represent a genuine threat to health, and sometimes a woman's life.


history of silicone breast

history of silicone breast began in the sixties of the last century in the United States, where he first started to do breast augmentation surgery Breast augmentation plastic surgery breast health perspective Breast augmentation plastic surgery breast health perspective using siliconeimplants or a breast filled with liquid silicone.

first generation of implants had a smooth thick silicone shell and liquid, diffluent silicone inside.When you break a silicone capsules spread over the breast tissue.Furthermore, capsules formed around silicone powerful shell of connective tissue, causing the breasts to become hard and changed its shape.

Approximately ten years later, in the mid-seventies, appeared ready to implant the second generation.They had a fine smooth capsule, the connective tissue around which grew less, but they are often torn, sometimes even with a small chest trauma.

Since the mid-eighties begins to produce the third generation of implants with a rough (textured) surface of the capsule (this prevents the overgrowth of connective tissue around it).These implants are of three types: filled with cohesive (more viscous than previous fillers having the consistency of soft gel) silicone gel, saline and biocompatible hydrogel.

During this time constantly appeared articles with negative opinions about the implantation of silicone prostheses.It was found that liquid silicone, caught in the breast tissue, causing inflammation and promotes the development of breast cancer Breast cancer: What you need to know every woman Breast cancer: What you need to know every woman .Implantation of silicone implants were banned in several countries, including the United States.And only in the late nineties we were finally held reliable research proving that today's silicone implants do not harm the breast.


Silicone implants today

Silicone - a compound containing silicon and oxygen, which is obtained by synthesis.The structure and properties of the silicone can be changed arbitrarily, it may be either a liquid (in gel form), or solid.

Today, many companies manufacture silicone breast implants.All of them are composed of an outer shell made of silicone and an inner filler.Each manufacturer has developed its structure and texture, as the shells and filler.Typically, this material biocompatible with the tissues or neutral, silicone fillers necessarily cohesive and do not spread to tissues in the case of rupture of the capsule (which, incidentally, is rarely found today).Some companies use as filler biocompatible hydrogel, such implants are called bioimplant.Available impalantaty and silicone filled with saline.

Capsule modern implants is both textured and smooth, it is dense and biologically inert, ie, it does not react with the surrounding tissues.Furthermore, in most modern implants have an additional barrier layer which prevents the ingress of tissue in the breast even single molecules of silicone.

Over time, the properties of silicone capsules are not changed, but sometimes it may disrupt the integrity of, and its content can get into breast tissue.If saline is then no harm, but the silicone gel must be removed (despite the fact that it does not spread to tissues), because it can cause inflammation of the mammary gland.

The shape implants can be round or tapered (drop-shaped).


How is surgery to implant silicone prosthesis today

Today it is one of the most common operations in plastic surgery.Calibration is done, usually under general anesthesia.On the skin of the breast, most often under the breast, a small incision is made (the options sections - around the areola, under the armpit, or through the navel).Through this incision form a pocket (cavity) of the pectoral muscle, the implant is placed there and put on a wound cosmetic seam.

In the first few days after surgery may experience swelling and tenderness of tissues.Basically, in order to return to their normal activities, women need one - and a half months.Not yet healed, and not last seam, avoid physical exertion, exposure to the sun, in the sauna and bath Sauna and health: the benefits and harms of bath procedures Sauna and health: the benefits and harms of bath procedures , bathing in the bath.

Within three months after surgery, the formation of connective tissue around the implant (this is a natural reaction to the introduction of a foreign body).At this time, it is recommended to wear a special compression garment.Silicone breast

today - it is quite safe and technically Waste plastic surgery.

Galina Romanenko