Chronic candidiasis - relapses are cleared

chronic candidiasis Chronic candidiasis phenomenon is not so rare, most often chronic recurrent candidiasis developing in the genital area in women is not uncommon as a chronic intestinal candidiasis.It is usually the result of improper treatment of acute processes that resulted in complete inhibition of fungal infection.

Causes of

Chronic candidiasis can begin on the background of prolonged or uncontrolled use of antibiotics, while taking glucocorticoid drugs (in asthma, rheumatoid arthritis), due to lower immunity in cancer patients, patients with diabetes mellitus, primaryand secondary immunodeficiencies.For example, if the primary (innate) immunodeficiency develops this kind of chronic candidiasis, as a chronic generalized (granulomatous) candidiasis.

Permanent focus of infection in adults are often the intestines and genitals.Usually, chronic recurrent processes develop on the background of immune disorders in combination with incorrect, incomplete treatment of acute processes.

How is chronic candidiasis female genitals

Acute candidiasis lasts no more than two months, and if he goes on and after that date, it is already considered chronic.So, candidiasis of female genitals (thrush) begins acutely, with the appearance of burning and itching, which sometimes join frequent painful urination - a sign of the defeat of the urethra.

Many women succumbing to the famous television commercial, take one tablet of fluconazole Fluconazole - used with caution Fluconazole - used with caution and believe that finished with candidiasis.Imagine their surprise when, after a while signs of thrush appear again, and then come back again and again, despite the miracle pill.The reason for the formation of chronic candidiasis that were not originally addressed the causes of the disease, allowing the infection to penetrate deep into the mucosa and recur every time this has favorable circumstances.

These favorable circumstances for infection include reduced immunity, so the recurrence of chronic yeast Chronic yeast infection - how to win illness Chronic yeast infection - how to beat illness appear after colds, stress and other factors that reduce immunity.This exacerbation of symptoms of yeast infection are not as pronounced as the primary symptoms of the disease, which in itself speaks of the chronic process.

How is chronic candidiasis bowel

Hearth fungal infection can be and intestines.Especially often it happens in chronic infectious and inflammatory diseases, which are often used broad-spectrum antibiotics Broad-spectrum antibiotics - not only treat, but also mutilate Broad-spectrum antibiotics - not only treat but also cripple , kill the normal microflora.It inhibits the growth of normal microflora of conditionally pathogenic microflora, including the fungi of the genus Candida, causing candidiasis.

chronic intestinal candidiasis may occur in the form of dysbiosis, in which the intestinal wall does not suffer, but violated the digestive process, which manifests itself in the form of bloating, abdominal pain, constipation or diarrhea, as well as intoxication improper food digestion.

But in some cases, a chronic intestinal candidiasis manifests as ulcerative process that is already fraught with complications such as perforation of the intestinal wall and internal bleeding.

How to diagnose

Yeast fungi of the genus Candida are natural inhabitants of the skin and mucous membranes, including hollow bodies with connections to the external environment (such as the intestine).Therefore, their detection in feces or secretions of female genital mutilation is not yet a confirmed diagnosis.For this to be another sign of permanent and recurring candidiasis of an organ.

therefore conducted crops biological material on nutrient media with the identification of the infectious agent, its amount and sensitivity to antifungal drugs.

In addition, the immune system is tested, revealed the breach, as well as the causes of these disorders.The reasons may be latent diseases (eg, diabetes mellitus - threatening and incurable disease Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease , chronic infectious-inflammatory processes), tumors, taking various drugs, alcohol, drugs.


For the treatment of chronic candidiasis some antifungal drugs is not enough.It is necessary to restore the immune system, and this will take to identify and address (if possible) the reasons for the breach.

Do not try on their own to deal with candidiasis, it is better to entrust his treatment doctor.

Galina Romanenko