Chest pain is one symptom - a lot of diseases

  • Chest pain: one symptom - a lot of diseases
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stethalgia Chest painIt may be a manifestation of diseases of various organs: cardiovascular system, respiratory system, breast, spine and even the gastrointestinal tract.Pain in the chest with all of these diseases can be very similar.


pain in diseases of the cardiovascular system

Atherosclerosis in the walls of blood vessels atherosclerotic plaques are deposited, because of what disturbed vascular permeability.Atherosclerosis of the coronary vessels (they bring blood to the heart muscle) is called coronary heart disease (CHD).In this disease, coronary vasospasm slightest largely covers the blood supply, and with its oxygen and nutrients to the heart muscle, causing severe pain.If this pain will last a long time, it will lead to necrosis of the heart muscle - myocardial infarction.

Pain in ischemic heart disease is acute, often piercing character.They arise in the chest on the left, is given under the left shoulder and left arm.Initially, the pain of the disease occur after physical or mental stress, so the disease is called - angina Angina - implications activity Angina - the consequences of the activity .In the future, the pain appears at rest, even in sleep - the so-called rest angina angina at rest - invisible enemy Angina rest - invisible enemy .

Angina can not tolerate the pain, you should immediately take koronarolitik - drug dilates coronary vessels.

So fast koronarolitikom is nitroglycerin, which is taken under the tongue.If, within two minutes after the nitroglycerin pain fails, one must take one tablet.If in this case the pain comes off, you should immediately call an ambulance.



When cardioneurosis under constant stress and high emotional stress can occur disorder of the autonomic nervous system that innervate the internal organs, including the heart.Pain thus may be very different in nature, they can be sharp, stabbing, constant aching, is enhanced by emotional stress.

distinctive feature of this pain is that they do not extend from nitroglycerin, but may stay sedatives.


Respiratory diseases

Chest pain can occur when lobar pneumonia lobar pneumonia - severe course of illness Lobar pneumonia - severe course of the disease , when the inflammatory process involves the segment or lobe of the lung.Against the background of high temperature there is a pain in the side to the interested party and a dry cough dry cough - whether to worry about it? Dry cough - whether to worry about it? .

Chest pain often occurs when involved in inflammation of the pleura.Pleura - a serosa, a leaf which covers the lungs and the other - the wall of the chest cavity, the cavity between the sheets is called the pleura.The pleura are many nerve endings, so pleurisy are always accompanied by severe pain in the chest, associated with cough and breathing movements.



osteochondrosis - a metabolic disorders in the spine, that result in overgrowth of bone tissue that can cause compression of the spinal cord extending from the roots.If such changes occur in the thoracic spine, it leads to severe pain in the course of nerve entrapment.Pain in the chest at the same time associated with movements.When careless movement can occur severe pain, which are then tested.There may be severe and constant pain, aggravated by the careless movement.

Intercostal neuralgia may also be the result of degenerative disc disease, but can occur on their own, such as supercooling.In this case, pain arises in the course of the ribs, they can be very strong, cutting, aggravated by motion.

In all manifestations of osteochondrosis help non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, they remove pain, but if there is an inflammatory process, and it too.


Gastrointestinal tract

Stomach pain can mimic heart pain as well as the stomach and the heart is innervated by the autonomic nervous system, which branches away from the roots of spinal nerves, and then divide and goseparately to each internal organ.Therefore, the pain in the stomach (eg, chronic gastritis or gastric ulcer) pain can be felt in the chest.

remove such pains can be using antispasmodic drugs (such as No-Spa), which causes relaxation of smooth muscles of internal organs.

Chest pain can occur in different diseases, in order to help the patient, it must first make a correct diagnosis, and this can only be done after the test.

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