How to treat conjunctivitis - the choice of drug

than to treat conjunctivitis Than to treat conjunctivitis, can tell a doctor because the symptoms of different types of conjunctivitis may be similar, but they require different treatment.For the treatment of conjunctivitis producing drugs and general topical (eye drops and eye ointment) having different properties.


Antibacterials from conjunctivitis

For the treatment of bacterial conjunctivitis are used antibacterial drugs mainly local action.In severe bacterial conjunctivitis drugs local action is sometimes not enough in such cases, prescribe antibiotics general (systemic) action in the form of tablets.Today, these tablets are used by conjunctivitis, antibiotic tetracycline tetracycline - a natural broad-spectrum antibiotic Tetracycline - a natural broad-spectrum antibiotic doxycycline, azithromycin macrolide antibiotics (sumamed) and dzhozimitsin (vilprafen), fluoroquinolone antibiotics (ofloxacin) and others.All of them are prescribed by the results of the preliminary examination of the patient.

But most treatment is still carried out using topical antimicrobials - eye drops and ointments.The most effective drugs are considered to be local action, which include the fluoroquinolones, such as eye drops 0.3% and 0.3% ophthalmic ointment for conjunctivitis ofloksotsin.Assign as tetracycline and erythromycin ophthalmic ointment, 20-30% solution of sodium sulfatsil (sulfacetamide), 0, 25% solution of chloramphenicol.


Antivirals during

conjunctivitis Viral conjunctivitis is today the most widely used, whereas for his treatment there are no safe and effective drugs for the treatment of bacterial conjunctivitis.

One of the oldest is a proven means of 0, 25% oxolinic ointment, viral conjunctivitis when she had been used extensively, but today found that the antiviral activity of thispreparation for the most part limited to influenza viruses and herpes simplex Herpes simplex - in reality not so simple Herpes simplex - in fact, not so simple .When the most common adenovirus infection oxolinic ointment is ineffective.Nevertheless, it is prescribed and adenoviral conjunctivitis, laying behind the eyelid 1-3 times a day for 2-8 weeks.The same treatment in herpetic conjunctivitis.Oxolinic ointment is usually well tolerated, but can sometimes cause a slight burning sensation at the site of application.Contraindications for use of oxolinic ointment is a hypersensitivity to the drug.

For the treatment of adenovirus and herpes lesions of the eye is used bonaftonovaya 0.05% ophthalmic ointment from conjunctivitis.It lay behind the eyelid 3-4 times a day for 7-10 days.0.5% ointment for conjunctivitis florenal lay for ever and first 3 times a day, and then 1-2 times a day.The course of treatment for superficial conjunctivitis about two weeks, at deep - up to two months.If no effect within 10 days it is recommended to switch to other treatments.3% ointment for the eyes of conjunctivitis Acyclovir Acyclovir - as it is safe? Acyclovir - as it is safe? used in herpetic eye disease in the form of a strip of 1 cm, which is put into the lower conjunctival sac five times a day until healing and for three days after healing

antiviral eye drops include, for example, oftalmoferon having in hisconsisting of interferon and diphenhydramine.The drug has antiviral, immunomodulatory and anti-allergic effect.1-2 drops administered to each eye 6-8 times per day.Contraindications for the use of drops is only individual intolerance of components.

In viral conjunctivitis beneficial effect on all parts of the immune system and have an eye drop derinat, which includes deoxyribonucleat.Derinata solution for external use was instilled into both eyes of 1-2 drops twice or three times a day for 4-8 weeks.

Eye drops Poludanum possess antiviral and immunomodulatory properties.The drug used for the treatment of viral diseases of the eye and herpes adenoviral etiology.Drops instilled in the conjunctival sac of the eye of the patient first 1-2 drops 6-8 times a day, and then, as the inflammation subsided - 3-4 times per day.

If eye irritation, including allergic conjunctivitis, eye drops well help vizin, vasoconstrictor and anti properties.Visine eye drops are contraindicated if you are hypersensitive, glaucoma Glaucoma - a perspective possible blindness Glaucoma - a perspective possible blindness and children up to two years.

started on time adequate treatment of conjunctivitis can prevent the development of complications in the first place, by the cornea, which can end the partial or complete loss of vision.

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