Dislocation of thumb - a small, but very unpleasant injury

  • Dislocated finger - a small, but very unpleasant injury
  • Traumatic dislocation

dislocated finger Dislocation of thumb - that offset the bones of one or more joints of the finger, which occurred as a result ofinjury.Most often it happens dislocated middle joint of the little finger, ring, middle and index fingers.Dislocation can happen, for example, during the occupation basketball or volleyball when the ball hit the tip of the elongated fingers.


Typically, a dislocated finger has obvious symptoms - joint of the finger is deformed, swollen finger himself and severe pain.Often the victim is not free to bend or straighten the finger.In addition, these symptoms may be present:

  • Numbness and tingling in the dislocation;
  • pale skin on the damaged finger.

sometimes occur as a result of dislocation of serious damage to the skin.In this case, you should immediately seek medical help.

In normal dislocation Dislocation - prevention and treatment Dislocation - Prevention and Treatment thumb also requires medical attention, although not as urgently.In some cases, no specific treatment dislocated finger can lead to various complications.

If you think that you have a dislocated finger, immediately remove the pin decorations and attach the ice.


In most cases, a doctor can diagnose a dislocated finger on the basis of external symptoms.However, be sure that the patient does not have a fracture or other serious injury, it is necessary to do an x-ray.

Then the doctor has the right thumb with a simple technique - closed reduction.It is often performed under local anesthesia, as the process can be very painful, but the pain goes away quickly.Then tie the finger to the adjacent healthy finger;doctor takes another x-ray image to make sure that the bone dislocated joints took its normal position.

Sometimes a doctor recommends for a few days after the dislocation of anti-inflammatory drugs, but in most cases this is not necessary, since the dislocation did not cause severe discomfort.Typically, the finger is completely restored within three to six weeks, without losing any functions.The possibility of permanent deformation of the damaged joint, but this rarely happens.

In some cases, if a dislocation between the displaced bone fragment is clamped adjacent soft tissues.To correct a dislocation, surgery is needed.Typically, such an operation has been very successful, but sometimes some of the functions are lost finger.


Although not all possible to prevent dislocation of the thumb, you must follow the rules of safety in sports and use available protective devices.

during training or competition should be removed from the finger jewelry to reduce the chance of injury.

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