How to fix a bite: it is necessary at any age

correct bite Why correct malocclusion, if it does not deliver any visible trouble?In fact, it just seems that a small malocclusion malocclusion - what if the mouth is not so as it is necessary? Malocclusion - what if the mouth is not so as it is necessary? no effect on human health: a mismatch opposite chewing surfaces of teeth sooner or later, will be in the form of a disease of the digestive system caused by a violation of the process of chewing.

anomalies and deformations of dentition

teeth, surrounding tissues (periodontal) and processes of the jaws, which are the teeth - all substitutes a single entity called dentoalveolar arch.The child dentoalveolar arch are in the form of a semicircle, and the upper jaw is wider bottom.In the adult form of dentoalveolar semicircular arch of the upper jaw and is slightly elongated, and the lower jaw - a cool wrapped in hand.

Violation dentoalveolar arc manifested in three directions: sagittal (forward - back), vertically (up - down) and transverse (lateral, that is closer laterally and medially - closer to the center of the jaw).

Violation sizes dentoalveolar arc in the sagittal direction is its lengthening or shortening.If advance issued dentoalveolar arch of the upper jaw, then talk about proganaticheskom bite or prognathism, if lower - about progenicheskom bite or progeny.

vertical size dentoalveolar arches change as a result of violations of the height of the crowns of the teeth and jaw bone processes in which they are located.Teeth can be both very high and low (for example, pathological abrasion of teeth).This may cover the front teeth crowns of the teeth in the opposite dentition (deep bite at low posterior crowns) or at the closing of the teeth in the front teeth a gap, if the high crowns of the molars (open bite).

malocclusion in the transverse direction is shown by changing the distance between the left and right halves of the alveolar arches that causes narrowing or expanding the dentition.The reasons for the formation of such abnormalities are difficulty in nasal breathing, sucking nipples and fingers, disruption of the facial muscles and the tongue muscles.An example of a transversal cross-bite is a bite with severe facial asymmetry.

Basic principles of correcting malocclusion

for correction of malocclusion usually prescribed wearing special orthodontic appliances in conjunction with a special gymnastics.But at the very pronounced malocclusion that is not enough in such cases, surgical correction is performed first, and then set orthodontic appliances and conducted physiotherapy.Orthodontic appliances, applicability for correction of malocclusion may be removable or non-removable.

how to correct the bite using braces

Braces Braces or are non-removable orthodontic appliances.They are installed on the teeth and fixed them with a special adhesive.In order to move the teeth in the right direction, between the side teeth fixed wire, which is periodically replaced with a new one (approximately every three months) - thus governed by force on the teeth.In general, the treatment of malocclusion Malocclusion: never too late to fix Malocclusion: never too late to fix takes several months to 1.5 years.Dentists believe that the optimum age for such treatment - 7-9 years.But in adults it is possible to correct minor malocclusion using braces Braces: Proper installation - a pledge of a beautiful smile Braces: Proper installation - a pledge of a beautiful smile -systems, but it will take more time than a child.

today released the most different sets of braces, they can be an unusual decoration for the tooth (or colored sapphire brackets), so perfectly invisible on the teeth (lingual braces are special, that are fixed on the inner surface of the teeth)

How to fixusing special bite mouthguards

Removable ortodontichekoe treatment earlier performed only by means of special plates that good restored small malocclusion in childhood.In adults, the people did not allow such a correction results.And only in the last decade there was a technique using special transparent mouthguards which are made individually for each patient according to the shape of its teeth and over time change to the teeth move in the right direction.For this patient, first working orthodontist who makes dental impressions, and then in the dental laboratory to these casts are made mouthguard.

Technique is very convenient, since caps can be removed for eating and brushing teeth How to brush your teeth: interesting facts How to brush your teeth: interesting facts .In the teeth of these aligners are practically invisible.Therefore, this method is ideal for the restoration of occlusion in adults.

bite can be corrected at any age, but it's better to do as a child.

Galina Romanenko