Blood sugar - modern diagnostic capabilities

Blood sugar Patients reliably diagnosed with diabetes, need constant monitoring of glycemia.Blood sugar is specifically designed for easy use in his home.The procedure itself takes little time survey allows for self-control sugar values ​​during the day.

As indicators to measure glucose

blood sugar readings depend on many factors, so it is important to carry out their ongoing monitoring.If significant deviations from normal values ​​can be taken to adjust the dose of medicines, which is very important for patients with chronic state of hyperglycemia.The apparatus measures the blood sugar meter is called.

This type instrumentation is simple to operate, they can take advantage of each person to whom you want to measure.Himself meter represented a special device and an additional device (test strips for measuring handle finger stick).Measuring blood sugar blood sugar - one of the main indicators of human health Blood sugar - one of the main indicators of human health carried out in accordance with a clear sequence of instructions.The device is automatically activated after it is inserted into the test strip.Before the start of the measurement to be adjusted to the desired depth knob.The handle has a special division, which indicates the depth of the puncture.

puncture site to be treated with alcohol, then you can begin to measure.Pierce the finger very gently to obtain a uniform drop of blood, which is to fill the working sector of the test strip.An important condition for obtaining the result is to prevent spreading of a drop of blood.If this requirement is not met, the finger puncture should be repeated.During the first 15 seconds the meter instrument measuring blood sugar - meter The unit of measurement of sugar in the blood - blood glucose meter appear glycemia values.To complete the investigation, we must remove the test strip, then the unit of measurement of sugar in the blood off automatically.

For some patients who are unable to undergo regular examinations in a clinic for various reasons, can successfully solve the problem of how to measure sugarBlood How to measure blood sugar: diabetes care How to measure blood sugar: diabetes care at home with the help of the meter.This research is not only easy and convenient, and secure.

which could affect the accuracy of the result

For patients who control the blood glucose levels is important the accuracy of data obtained during the measurement.To avoid errors, you must follow the practical guidelines for blood collection and technique of research.Blood test results depends on the following conditions:

  • be sure to verify the expiry dates of test strips.It is unacceptable to apply overdue materials for research.
  • meter itself must be calibrated according to codes that are listed on the package to test systems
  • blood collection procedure is associated with the development of pain.Can reduce the severity of pain in doing puncture in the side surface of the finger rather than in the central portion.It is important to make a puncture to the desired depth, or by deep puncture developing tissue damage.The optimum depth of a puncture set on a special pen that is included for the study
  • recommended to do a light massage the fingers prior to the study, if the patient has circulatory disorders

drop of blood is applied to a special location on the test strip, which are marked in black.They are not on the whole surface of the strip and on the side, however this feature is necessary to know in order to properly perform the measurement.Before the start of the study should carefully read the instruction, where there is a detailed explanation of how to determine blood sugar.

frequency of glucose measurements during the day should be discussed with your doctor, as it depends on the form of disease severity.In some cases, it may require more frequent sugar, so the patient should follow the doctor's recommendations about how to measure blood sugar sugar in the blood - a very important indicator Blood sugar - a very important indicator .On the results may affect the reception of a number of medicines.Drugs during sickness is not recommended to cancel because of the forthcoming study, to be as often as possible to control glycemia.

There are some differences between the results of measurements of blood sugar, which was carried out in the hospital and at home.To a large extent this is due to compliance of the measures, which are defined according to instructions.Compliance with sanitary requirements at the time of blood collection is also essential.You can not take the analysis of dirty hands.The surface to puncture the finger to be treated with an alcohol solution, in order to prevent subsequent infection.At the same time it must not be allowed to place itself puncture was wet, so it is dried with a cotton swab.

If a person has decided to find out the status of carbohydrate metabolism, first of all, the question arises, how to check blood sugar.For this purpose, great glucometers.Do not try to interpret the results yourself.The results of blood sugar can be fixed in a special diary of observations, and in the case of long-term excess of normal glucose values ​​should refer to an endocrinologist.It is recommended to study for a week, and then show the results of the expert.To obtain reliable values ​​must be measured blood sugar at different times, are not tied to the study of any particular time.For patients with compensated diabetes mellitus should be monitored periodically glycemia after eating the food, be sure to fixing this feature in the diary.

Marina Solovyov