How to care for a newborn baby boy: A brief guide to action

how to care for a newborn baby boy After discharge from the hospital, being one on one with the long-awaited son, inexperienced mothers often lost: how to care for a newborn boy, what to do and what not to do?In fact, all treatments are very simple.It takes only a little time to master them fully.


morning toilet

Every morning, the baby should start with washing, cleaning ears and nose.Hygienic procedure is conveniently carried out on a table, lay a his children's mattress and a clean diaper.

begin toilet with spout.On the mucous membranes of the nasal cavity are constantly deposited dust particles, in addition, during the regurgitation can flow to the breast milk.As a result, the delicate tissues toddler covered hard crusts that must be removed regularly.This is best done with cotton flagella soaked in baby oil.The flagella are administered into the nostrils of rotational motions of no more than one centimeter.

for washing using a clean cotton ball soaked in warm water.They wipe the handle and the face of the newborn.Then blot the skin dry gauze (or paper) towel.Separate cotton tamponchiki wipe his eyes - from the outer corners to the inside.To prevent transfer of infection for each eye takes a new cotton wool.

At the end of the procedure the wet ball passes through the ear and behind the ear.Clean babies ears using cotton buds is not recommended: it is possible to damage the eardrum.


diapers and cleaning the

Contrary to popular belief, boys wearing diapers did not affect the testicles.The use of disposable products is absolutely harmless, provided that they are made of quality materials.

change diapers as needed, but not less than once every three hours.Even if after this time the diaper is left blank, pediatricians advised to dress the baby in the new, to avoid the appearance of prickly heat Miliaria - a protective reaction of the organism Sudamen - a protective reaction of the organism .Fasteners on the product should not be over-tightened - between the body and the baby belt must be a gap as thick as my mother's finger.

At each change of diapers or baby diaper tempted.

procedure is carried out under a tap with running water.Infants placed belly up on the left hand, holding a brush his buttocks.To wash the right hand movements from front to rear.This prevents feces on the child's genitals.How should I wash the scrotum, penis, and inguinal folds.At the same time forcibly push back the foreskin on the head doctors do not recommend.

after water treatment skin blotted dry diaper and baby cream smeared.Some mothers prefer to use the powder.In such a case powder is first poured into his palm, then dusted them the perineum and buttocks.Before putting on a clean diaper, baby leave for a few minutes with no clothes.Such air bath is very beneficial effect on the skin.


What to do with your belly button?

In the first days of the newborn umbilical wound formed yellow and bloody crusts, which are a breeding ground for bacteria.Therefore, it is necessary to clean the navel.

For this his first wipe them with a damp cotton ball.Then, the bottom of the wound dripping several drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide.The solution begins to foam and, together with air bubbles rise to the surface of crust leather.They were removed with cotton or gauze.At the end of the treatment the wound was treated with brilliant green.Such manipulation is performed 1-2 times per day.

Different babies umbilical cord disappears for 4-10 day.If after that the navel is preserved swelling or discharge from it flow isolated from women when there is cause for concern Selections women when there is cause for concern , it is necessary to inform the pediatrician.


How to swaddle?

Being in baby diapers gives sensations similar to those he experienced abdominal mom.Therefore, at first, preferably not wear crumbs in sliders and knitted suits, namely swaddle.In this state, he will feel yourself comfortable and relaxed.

currently practicing free swaddling in which the hands and feet of the newborn does not shrink.Until the umbilical wound has healed, diapers pre-steamed hot iron on both sides.



correctly applying the crumbs to the chest mother taught even in the hospital.If you later with these problems, you need to seek help from a pediatrician or a lactation specialist.

  • Feeding held at the request of the child, on average 8-10 times per day.Mom can take a sitting position or lying on its side.What matters is that the baby's mouth while was at the level of the nipple, and it was convenient to grab the chest.
  • During feeding it is important to ensure that the tip of the baby is not pressed against the chest.In the mouth, the child should be fully not only the nipple but also the entire areola.
  • duration of suckling is not limited.After the newborn devastate one breast, it needs to offer the other.

After feeding the baby in her arms and take hold "column" 10-15 minutes to the stomach came all swallowed air.The baby crib is placed on the flank, rather than on your back, except when regurgitation milk gets into the respiratory tract.



Most doctors recommend starting swimming only after umbilical wound healed.For water treatment selected evenings in between feedings (from 7 to 9 hours).

Bathe your child can be in a special child or adult bath.

Each of them has its advantages.In adult grudnichki feel freer, can move arms and legs.This "charge" is very useful to strengthen the muscles.However, a large amount of water can cause a child's fear, so the first is better to use a small bathing tub.

necessary to prepare in advance everything that will be needed for the procedure: clean clothes, diapers, towels, thermometer.

  • Foot Bath is filled with warm water (35-37 degrees) to a depth of 10-15 cm. The temperature is controlled by a thermometer.Toddler immersed in a bath, holding the right hand of his buttocks, the left - head and shoulders.Then the right hand free and scooping her water, wash the crumbs.
  • duration of the first procedures - 3-5 minutes.Gradually increase the bath up to 10 minutes.Soap or special detergents are used not more than 1 time per week.

At the end of the baby swimming pour warm water from a jug, put on a diaper and blot with a towel.