Why newborn baby spits up: causes and help the kid

Why newborn baby spits up According to statistics, there are occasional vomiting every second kid under the age of six months.Yet every time a child after feeding back part eaten, young parents are ready to sound the alarm.How to determine why a newborn burp, and when you need to immediately go to the doctor?


Why newborn baby vomits: What could be wrong?

At an early age children regurgitation caused by the structure of the immature digestive system.Stomach in infants is almost vertical, short esophagus, and closes the "membrane" between departments is still poorly developed.It is easy enough pressure on the stomach after feeding to digestive mass "splashed" back into the oral cavity.

Physiological regurgitation may occur up to 5 times a day.Their volume is not more than 3 ml.It takes 6-8 months of full development of the digestive organs, the stomach toddler "learns" to digest food properly and the problem goes away.

Another frequent reason why babies vomit after feeding is swallowing air (aerophagia).If the child is properly captures the chest or it sucks greedily, then with food in the stomach get air bubbles.After the baby takes a vertical position, they move upward, pushing himself forward clots food.Passage of the milk with the air accompanied by the characteristic sound of loud.

aerophagia Some children may be caused by non-infringement of feeding and general muscle weakness.For example, this situation often occurs in babies with low or very high body weight.

Sometimes frequent regurgitation contributes to overeating.Stomach kid just can not cope with excess food and throws them out.

If regurgitation intensity observed on different dates, regardless of food intake and lead to weight loss, it means the body is not all right crumbs.Such a condition can indicate a variety of ailments:

  • flatulence (bloating)

formation of gas in the intestine prevents normal digestion.Regurgitation flatulence appear mainly in the afternoon.Child shows concern behaves excitedly, naughty.Symptoms disappear after flatus.

  • intestinal colic, constipation

Another common reason why a newborn baby often vomits Why the child vomits frequently - what are the norm? Why the child vomits frequently - what are the norm? , - intestinal cramps and problems with a chair.In these conditions, the pressure increases in the abdominal cavity, making it difficult to advance the food mass through the gastrointestinal tract.Regurgitation are daily and frequent.

  • pilorospazme

disease is characterized by persistent spasm muscular ring located between the stomach and intestine.Regurgitation disturb the baby almost from the first days of life.Over time, they are joined by a gag syndrome.

  • Pyloric stenosis

This congenital constriction ring of muscle between the stomach and intestine, which leads to the obstruction of food masses.The kid starts to spit a fountain with 2-4 weeks of life.Regurgitation often transformed into an abundant vomiting.The child is hungry, rapidly losing weight, it is not seen a chair.The illness is diagnosed more often in boys than in girls.

  • Intestinal infections

Manifest multiple indiscriminate regurgitation, vomiting.Often accompanied by diarrhea, fever.


How to help your child?

If grudnichok burp at least 5 times a day, the slim, normally gaining weight and feels cheerfully, the doctor evaluates his condition as "very healthy."No special treatment the doctor does not appoint, but be sure to give general advice:

  • avoid aerofagii mom advised to watch closely to see how the baby is applied to the chest.Sucking his mouth should be fully capture the areola.
  • If a child is bottle-fed, the problem can create irregular holes in the nipples on bottles.They must be such that the milk flows are not jet, and dropwise.
  • During feeding baby provide a comfortable position of the body: keep it at an angle of 45-60 degrees to the horizontal plane.
  • before eating is recommended for a few minutes to spread grudnichka stomach.
  • After feeding to the air quietly walked out of the stomach, the child's need to hold a "column" of at least 20 minutes.
  • Avoid tight swaddling, sliders on an elastic band.Pressure on the stomach provoke vomiting.
  • important to promptly clean the baby from the nasal cavity mucous secretions Mucous discharge - what is the norm for a healthy woman Mucus - what is the norm for a healthy woman , to feeding, he was not trying to breathe through the mouth and swallow air.For this reason, care must be taken that during the sucking child shall rested his nose in his chest.
  • often suffer from overfeeding greedily sucking children.They feed during the recommended three to five-minute rest breaks.The food in this time a little time to digest and cause a feeling of fullness.The child will calm down and eat as much as you need.
  • muscle tone stomach in infants may increase tobacco smoke, so smoking near the child is strictly prohibited.
  • When abundant, frequent regurgitation and weight loss doctor prescribes medical examination.If detected congenital pathology of the gastrointestinal tract (eg pyloric stenosis), they corrected surgically.With intestinal infections, flatulence Flatulence - when you need to worry about? Flatulence - when you need to worry about? , pilorospazme struggling with special drugs.

In other cases the treatment of persistent regurgitation in children is carried out comprehensively:

  • to establish feeding technique.
  • Assign diet therapy.Child feeding more often (1-2 times more than the norm), but in small portions.Thus, the daily volume of food stored.If the baby is a natural feeding, the expressed breast milk is recommended to add thickeners (rice water for industrial production).When mixed diet shows antireflux mixtures which include gum or starch.Under the action of hydrochloric acid of the stomach, these substances thicken and prevent return of the food.Antireflux diet can be assigned for feeding in full or part to replace the milk mixture Dairy mixture - selection of the useful power Dairy mixture - selection of useful power , which is already applied.
  • With the ineffectiveness of clinical nutrition prescribe drugs that speed up the movement of food by the stomach (prokinetics).