A newborn navel blood - how dangerous it is?

newborn navel blood A newborn navel blood - it does not mean that the child will lose a lot of blood.However, the wound can get infected, and it is very dangerous, because any infection-inflammatory processes in infants prone to generalization, that is, to spread to all the tissues and organs of the body.


why the blood of newborn navel

umbilical cord that connected the baby and the mother during pregnancy, after childbirth clamped and cut.The remaining process will disappear on their own.The newborn are discharged from the hospital for 4-5 days.In most cases, umbilical wound had already dry, and covered with crust.But it is possible to easily navel bleeding within the first week.Sometimes crust injured when swaddling the child and occasionally blood in the stomach for 10-14 days.All these options are the norm.But if the stomach does not heal in three to four weeks, it speaks of a certain disease.Reasons for a long healing navel:

  • improper care - umbilical wound was treated several times a day, thus damaging the crust;
  • injury navel bathing and swaddling;
  • child weakened - premature, retarded or injured;thus healing the wound is longer;
  • granuloma develops navel - a mushroom growth of granulation tissue at the bottom of the umbilical wound measuring 1-3 cm in diameter;granuloma tissue loose, thin-skinned, so it can bleed;
  • a child reduced blood clotting.


What is the risk that the blood of newborn navel

If navel blood periodically during the month, you should seek medical advice.The main danger of such an unhealed wound in the possibility of infection and the development of its infectious inflammation of the skin and subcutaneous tissue in the navel - omphalitis.Omphalitis can be purulent (catarrhal) and purulent.

purulent omphalitis often called weeping navel.It develops in slow healing of infected umbilical wound.Rank gets wet, it appears clear discharge, the bottom is covered with oozing sores bloody crusts.The skin in the navel flushed and swollen, but the body temperature normal, signs of intoxication in the child no.

When purulent omphalitis infectious-inflammatory process extends to the tissue around the navel ring, navel appears liquid pus and purulent yellow crust.The child may increase the temperature, there are signs of intoxication, he reluctantly takes the breast, spits up, restless, not sleeping, not gaining weight.Such a condition can go into a generalized infection-inflammation - sepsis.


How to handle the umbilical wound

If umbilical wound is dry, it does not need to handle, the crust will disappear by itself.If the dry first navel periodically bleeds, it should be lubricated with an alcoholic solution of green fodder and, where possible to keep the baby's tummy open - so the wound will heal quickly.

processing rules navel carried out once a day after bathing the child.Bathing a newborn baby should be daily in boiled water.Light bleeding and oozing navel is not a contraindication for swimming.In the water for bathing the baby, you can add an infusion of camomile flowers (prepared from the rate of 2 tablespoons dried minced raw material to two cups of boiling water).

After bathing pupochek should carefully blot with a soft cloth or cotton pad.Then drip wound 3% hydrogen peroxide and when the wound stops foaming, it is necessary to drip one drop of green fodder.Cotton buds in the processing of the wound should be avoided - they may injure the wound and cause bleeding.

moist navel was treated 3-4 times daily with a solution of 3% hydrogen peroxide, 70% alcohol or 5% solution of potassium permanganate.It should be mandatory for the processing of the navel to remove the crust formed.When purulent omphalitis umbilical wound is treated the same, but attached a general anti-bacterial treatment.You can also handle the wound with a solution hlorofillipta: source 1% alcohol solution is diluted with boiled water (a teaspoon per glass of water).

If a child has formed a granuloma navel, umbilical wound after treatment with hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate or alcoholic solution cauterize granulation lyapisnym pencil or 5% solution of silver nitrate.

If the newborn navel blood, it is not a tragedy, but in most cases the version of the rules.In order to avoid complications and to achieve rapid healing of the wound, it is necessary, first of all, to correctly handle the umbilical wound and prevent further injury to her.Proper treatment of the umbilical wound is the prevention of its transmission.

Galina Romanenko