5 ways to add fruits and vegetables in children's meals

fruits and vegetables in children Some kids love fruits and vegetables and prefer them to other, more popular products.But for those kids who are very picky eating habits, getting nutrients from the meal can be a problem.But there are five clever way of adding some fruits and vegetables in children's meals.



use the blender for fruit and vegetables is one of the easiest ways to add useful quietly purged in dishes that your kids already love.

Grind in a blender carrots, spinach and zucchini to a paste and cook the sauce for pasta.Or do the same with apples, strawberries, kiwi - fruit punch and the child is ready.


Give fruit and vegetables shape

cookie cutters are ideal for cutting fruits and vegetables, giving them a variety of fun shapes.Go on - make funny faces out of food or simply garnish the plate with all sorts of baby figures.Molds are not the only thing that can be used.If they are not handy, use the edges of the cups, mugs or glasses to cut interesting shapes of fruits and vegetables.


Sauces and gravies

Everything from peanut butter and ending with yogurt, and even melted chocolate, can be used as fill forfruit and vegetables.Not only children love to pour, sink, immerse in any liquid thing, we, adults, it is also very like it - so do it with their children, and then catch and eat the delicious pieces of fruit and vegetables.


Cook with children

If you drive your children to cook and make them active participants in the event, they will be more interested in tasting new dishes.

Funny Names of the ingredients can also add a touch of creativity to the process.For example, if your child is a fan of the Disney name every ingredient name cartoon characters.Then during the meal, the dishes that helped make a child can become stars of the show or movie.


Popsicle comes in

It only takes a few minutes - in a blender, mix some tasty fruit and yogurt to make a cocktail.The resulting mixes bright colors attract the attention of children to healthy foods and it will be not only useful, but also fun, and for the whole family.