Massage the lacrimal canal in newborns - why?

massage the tear duct in newborns to relieve the symptoms of obstruction of the lacrimal canals and accelerate their development, it is recommended to massage the tear duct in infants.

To avoid damage to the sensitive surface of the eye, they need constant hydration.For this purpose, as well as to remove the dirt, dust particles and other foreign objects, the eyes formed tear film.In it there are three layers: base, middle, watery layer, the thin outer lipid layer and the inner mucosal layer.Watery, the most liquid component of the tear film is produced by lacrimal glands, which are located just above the eyes.They constantly secrete small amounts of fluid, which flows on the upper part of the eye.When a person blinks, it is the liquid is distributed over the surface of the eye, providing them with the necessary nutrition.Oily liquid, which is a component of the tear film, produce meibomian glands which are located on the lids.It makes more uniform tear film, and prevents evaporation of liquid.

tear film is constantly updated, and excess fluid flow from the eyes of tear ducts.If they are blocked, the eye can be very tear, causing some discomfort.Obstruction of tear ducts - a fairly common problem in newborns.Usually the cause is that the time of birth the development of the lacrimal canals had not been completed.Typically, over time - weeks or months - tear ducts begin to function normally.


How to massage the tear duct newborn

  • tear ducts are located below the inner corner of the eye.Sometimes obstruction of the lacrimal canals in this place you can find a small bulge under the skin.
  • your fingertips to gently massage the skin over the tear ducts, moving semicircles from the corner of the eye to the nose.At the same time push your finger on the skin so that it is slightly stretched.The pressure on the tear ducts, the fluid-filled portion impenetrable to gradually leads to the fact that they open and begin to function normally.
  • Perform five to ten massage movements described above for each of the lacrimal duct, at least six times a day.Not to forget about the massage, try to do it, for example, each time before you change diapers.
  • Before massaging the tear duct, wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap.Nails should be cropped fairly short, so they can not damage the skin or eyes of a child.In addition, before the massage it is recommended to treat fingertips scrub.It removes dead skin cells and makes the fingers more smooth, and it is very important for massage sensitive baby skin.

If a massage from the eyes go allocation Allocation in women when there is cause for concern Selections women when there is cause for concern , pus-like (cloudy, greenish or yellowish), tell your doctor.

addition to massage, you should regularly - at least twice a day - to clean the eyelids and eyelashes from there formed a raid or a dry crust.Soak with lukewarm, clean water a soft cloth or sponge (do not use it for washing other parts of the body), and a few times gently swipe it for centuries and eyelashes.


What if massage the tear duct in infants does not help?

Unfortunately, massage the tear duct does not always produce the expected result.Usually, doctors recommend massage to stretch for at least six months.If by the time the baby is six months, the symptoms of obstruction of lacrimal not disappear, it can be assigned to a special medical procedure.Sometimes, the doctor decides whether you need to carry out the operation only after the child turns one year.

operation called lacrimal probing, not associated with serious health risks for the baby.It is quick, and on the day of surgery, or the next day, the child can go home.Full recovery may take several weeks, but within a few hours after surgery children tend to feel good.